My friend Amy emailed me a few weeks ago and said she was waiting on some “Heather perspective” on this here website o’ mine. I honestly forgot I had a blog for some amount of time, although you wouldn’t know it by the 176 drafted blog posts sitting on my server today. That’s a lot of time & effort, parked in no man’s land.

One of my favorites, and one I’ve spent a whole lot of time on, has disappeared. I guess I get a fresh start on it. It’s a story worth telling, beautiful and celebratory in nature.

I love to celebrate.

I have an outline of things to write about. Since its been so long, some are broken down into points so I get them in order and don’t get overwhelmed and just click “move to trash”. Even so, in the back of my head I’m saying Forget about it. Just write. I think Jon Acuff might agree.

So I’m working on forgetting about perfecting every paragraph and just start writing again. Lord knows, I have plenty to talk about.


~ by hthr on May 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “hola”

  1. Heather, I miss you blog and writing. You always encourage me, get more thoughts going in my own head and make me realize I am not strange, there are other people who have thoughts like me. Please by all means…WRITE! I actually think Jon Acuff would agree!!!

  2. I for one am glad to see you back doing what you love!

    The blogosphere hasn’t been the same without you!

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