Of this we know, change is certain

I do not do ‘goodbye’ well.

And I don’t like ‘see ya later’ much better.

Two weeks ago I turned onto my street and could not help but ONLY see the FOR RENT sign in the yard of the house across the street from us. I was certain that I was seeing things, so I slowed down to study it and utterly confused, I turned quick into my garage, jumped out of my car and clenching my jaw so as not to cry, marched across the street. The clenched jaw thing gave out. Chin quivering ensued.

My neighbor Beth, with her ugly new lawn accessory, saw the whole thing go down from inside her house. She later told me she watched me march over from the window wondering if I was mad or upset or how I would react. Of course, when she saw me crying, there was no denying, I was seriously unhappy.

“I should have told you before the sign went up! It happened too fast!” she told me. Arrgh. Now we were both crying. The tears were rolling off my face so fast I was relying on my forearm to wipe them. “I can’t even hug you because I have PINK EYE and my TEARS are CONTAGIOUS!” Ugh…we talked some more. “I’m going home to cry in private.” And as I turned to go home and do just that, she took the sign out of her yard and put it on the side of the house. Thats some neighborly LOVE right there. She told the other neighbors and then put it back out when everyone was up on the news.

Her husband got a great job. They are moving back into their old house. This is a GOOD thing! And yet, we wish if it were to be, that it were only just across town. But it’s not.

It’s a blessed thing to love your neighbors and live life the way we do. I hear how uncommon it is, but I guess for me, the truth of that fades because for the past two years, it is all that I’ve known. Toys, coffee, wine, leftovers, dogsitting, babysitting, bachelor & -ette viewing, prayers, time, advice, recipes, clothing and kindness. We share, exchange and give it all around here.

Tonight, we hosted a lawn party and neighbors from many surrounding houses gathered to spend time with them. It was pretty great. As the kids played behind us, the adults gathered near the table and we each began to share something special that we love or appreciate about our friends who are moving away tomorrow. I bet we stood there half an hour doing only that.

When different people say things that resonate with each other, you know it’s truth is abundant. This family is well loved. They have been an example to every one of us. We have been challenged to love people well and serve them joyfully and I am nearly positive that every person spoke of their patience as parents. I can only remember Beth being upset once, and even then she busted out laughing! That’s really something significant to have said of you.

Mark has an unbelievable memory and a gift for making conversation. It just seems so easy for him, and he shows such interest in everyone, every time.

Six weeks shy of two years as neighbors; I have only seen Beth hold a phone twice.

You can go ahead and read that again.

No joke. She’s always 100% there.

I wanna be like that. I need more of their example in my life. Although I’m not ready for a moving truck to be parked outside my front window 12 hours from now, I can smile because I know without a doubt that they are following God’s lead. No mistakes in His call.


~ by hthr on June 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “Of this we know, change is certain”

  1. Does it sound weird that I’m envious? We have lived in our house for 18 years and can only tell you the names of one of our neighbors. The others…well, they do their own thing. We have tried to reach out, they wave when we drive by, etc. but thats it. Perhaps we aren’t trying hard enough? Thanks for posting this…think I needed that little “boost”. Love and miss you!

    • Not weird at all. I think most people want to live next door to their friends! We have a special thing goin on for sure. xo

  2. Oh sweet friend! I am behind on reading blogs, and just saw this. I’m sorry and can completely relate. We moved into this house in large part to be near friends across the street. They unexpectedly moved out less than a year later. At the time it was brutal- had me questioning a lot of the call to community we felt God impressing on us. But as with most everything, we don’t see the whole picture the way He does. He has been more than faithful to bring about that call in our family. And while I hurt for your hurt, because we are mature enough to know proximity can play a large part in our relationships, I am also excited to see how He grows and stretches you through this experience. I love you!

  3. Excellent post. I am experiencing many of these issues as well.

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