Hthr who?

Hey there! Thanks for coming by to figure out who I am! Let me go ahead and scratch the surface for you…

I’m Heather…a girl who likes to abbreviate when she writes (but will fight the urge while blogging), drinks quite a good bit of coffee, and has a thing for dishes (If you come over for coffee, you’ll understand). I used to have really long hair, but one hot Florida day I thought my hair felt heavy and I had a headache, so I had it all cut off a few hours later. Yes, I’m a little impulsive. I enjoy photography, design and Apple Computers. But I didn’t always favor the Mac….[enter Brian]
Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Brian is my husband – we’ve been married 9 years and known each other for 10. We were set up by a friend of mine. I knew within just a couple weeks that he was the one I was meant to marry, although I made him chase me to prove it. He really is one of the nicest and most genuine people I know.

We have two daughters. Taylor is 6 and she likes to know all the details of anything we do in advance so she’s prepared (I have no clue where she gets that from). She has her daddy’s eyes and a heart of gold. Avery is 5 and wants to be a “Rock Star for Jesus” when she grows up. She can be stubborn beyond description (to be fair, I won’t say who she takes after) but truly is a happy and very funny little girl. They are the best of friends and have so much fun together. Life without them was boring. [this is them in April 2006]
Taylor & Avery

We moved to Tennessee in 2006 when Brian accepted a job here! Brian is a creative director for the Lampo Group, aka Dave Ramsey’s Company. His lessons and show have quite literally changed our lives and the lives of countless folks around the country! Working for an organization with a mission producing life changing results is not just a j-o-b …. it is a calling, a responsibility, and a priviledge!


2 Responses to “Hthr who?”

  1. I love it! I love it! I love it! Welcome to another addicting computer corner! So glad your here – I’ll check in often now. You did a great job “scratching the surface” and I LOVE this picture of your girls – it should be blown up somewhere in your house!

  2. Ok.. so I just read this and you probably didn’t go to Union, but my husband is really good friends with Paul Farmer… I think I said that before. Anyways, your family is beautiful! Have a great day!

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