Where in the World are Comet and Mauritania?

My youngest child is approximately 7 years, 9 months and 3 days old.

She has lost 6 teeth, had 2 major surgeries, and can turn on tears that spill like a faucet by just glancing upward. Don’t be fooled, I’m convinced she practices in the mirror.

Sometimes she tap dances while she sits on the toilet. It always makes me giggle.

She dips her toe in the waters of independence and then runs back to me or B. I love that part.

But I realized something one night recently while I tucked her into bed and it made me stop in my tracks.

Avery has stopped sleeping with her teddy bear.

Comet, the teddy bear that’s bigger than her, is no longer bigger than her. And that was a somber realization too.

Comet is always there. Always. Her faithful friend. He was the short list of what she wanted the first night in our new house last year. His foot made the family pic. He’s just there.

I guess this is kind of how it was when what’s-his-face outgrew his cowboy friend Woody. And thanks to those movies, it makes me think Comet is upstairs somewhere crying facedown in the carpet. Oh, this is sadder by the minute. I really do connect with the feeling of wanting to sit and cuddle with that bear right now while she’s off at school learning where Mauritania is on the map and the history of the Roman Empire.

Mmmmkay. I’m gonna go cry now.


~ by hthr on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Where in the World are Comet and Mauritania?”

  1. […] room to tuck her into bed and found her propped up against her pillows reading a book…. to Comet. […]

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