half empty. half full. I remain undecided.

While school uniform shopping last month, I just happened upon a display of fun cardigan sweaters. Ever the sweater lover, (what? you didn’t know?) I couldn’t resist trying one on. Gray ~ to add to the small but sufficient options I had of stuff to wear to work.

As I turn around from the mirror, I see Taylor trying one on. Pink. She wanted it bad. I did too. The gray. And the pink. But because we were not on the prowl for “extra” clothes – only what we needed, I told her “no… for now. Next time I put money in the clothing envelope, we will talk. Besides, you’re wearing my size. We could actually share it.”

Her eyes got big and she started laughing. I don’t know what she thought she was trying on, but she thought it was pretty hilarious that we might have something new in common.

I have to say, I was a little excited. My closet had potentially just expanded a bit. But when I told Brian later that night, he was all, “Ohhh, you think it sounds great, but you are going haaaate that! When she spills something on YOUR shirt or leaves it on the floor and steps on it, you are gonna change your mind real fast!”

I hadn’t looked at it that way. He’s right. I’d prob’ly go a lil nuts.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Tay walked into the kitchen after school and I had a new jacket from one of my fav Anthropologie brands laid out on the kitchen island. “ohhhh. THIS is ADORABLE!” she says… “Is it for US?” She held it up high and outright and put it in good lighting.

Can you just see my eyebrow pop up? “HA! Uhm, NO, but nice thinkin!

Then I felt kinda bad about it. I’m always like “it’s just stuff” … “stuff can be replaced.” … “don’t put someTHING over someONE.”

It’s just that, she still get’s chocolate chips mysteriously smashed into her uniform jumper, and, tomatoes somehow manage to leave a red rainbow splash all down her white shirts when she takes a bite… I’m not all protective of my “stuff” but … I don’t want to set myself up for some fresh kind of disaster here either. And while we’re at it, I’d really like it if she weren’t growing up so fast. Hello!?!

I’m willing to ease into a share system, but ease is the key word here. There’s no logical reason to jump headlong into cardigan swapping. I’m fully aware of how stuff gets balled up & crammed in her backpack. The interesting thing to me is that she prefers really low key stuff: plain, no sparkles, no bright colors. And then there’s me. A couple years ago, I had to work to just ADD something pink to my wardrobe and now I’m cleaning house in sequined tshirts. I think I’ve made excellent progress!

Oh well. Here’s to finding middle ground and having some fun with my sweetheart.

~ by hthr on September 9, 2010.

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