Come home quickly, baby boy!

The day Brian and I came to give this house a second look, the couple across the street were unloading a trailer parked at the curb. They were moving in. Beth looked every bit of 18 years old to me, but I soon discovered she just has good genes and sunscreen.

We moved in about six weeks later and it took no time at all for me to see what a wonderful mother she is. I was humbled as I observed her patience and consistency with her 3 children,  all with a gentle spirit and soft voice. I’ve never seen Beth mad, and even in a stressful time, she has a smile on her face. I truly began to wonder if she was super human, and then one day she said, “that sucks” with a scrunched up wince on her face and she became real people to me.

I can say with no hesitation, seeing Beth with her children makes me want to be a kinder, gentler mother. I am encouraged just by being around her.

She told me one afternoon last year as the kids played all around us that they were feeling called to adopt. She may have been a little underwhelmed by my response, because I was just feeling like, MmmHmm. Sounds perfect. But I was beyond excited. For them, and for the child with whom they wanted to share their name and their hearts and their home. YES, perfect.

Yesterday, I had the sweet privilege of hosting a baby shower for Beth. It was such a blessed time, and my home was filled with her friends and family from 4 different states who came to celebrate her and the sweet baby boy in waiting. I was tickled as the guests came in and some were college friends from years ago, who lit up when they saw each other, “I didn’t know you were gonna be here!!” Sweet times. And lots of sugar too.

As Beth opened her gifts, I was struck by the tradition of baby showers, and how they are a gathering of friends who love you and share the joy and anticipation of how your heart grows as your family does too. I got a bit teary eyed watching her, encircled by these women from various chapters of her life. We didn’t all know each other, but Beth was our common connection. Four generations of her family in my living room and many friends. What a beautiful thing.

With every passing year, my friendships grow more dear to my heart. It’s the ‘doing’ part of doing life together. I suspect I am more aware of it now, as I am finally feeling settled in rather than being in transition somehow on my way to somewhere with all the wondering that accompanies change.

As her grandmother was saying goodbye to me, she was talking about how nice it is that Beth has the friendship of the neighbors and how it’s so rare. I guess it really is. We have a sweet thing here on our little culdesac. (there’s a house for sale on our street if you want to join the fun!)

God is always good and does all things well. I love how He just plops us down in specific homes for strategic chapters of life, so we can learn from each other and share life and recipes and hope and encouragement. I’m grateful we’ve been privileged to witness and share this portion of their family story.

Hurry home, baby E! We are all so very anxious to meet you!


~ by hthr on August 29, 2010.

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