Another day, another basket o’ blessings with stems on

Two months ago, we ventured out on an adventure in gardening. We watched and watered and had faith that someday the plants that then had only a few leaves each, would have veggies hangin off their branches. Hopefully.

We watched as little green tomatoes started to form and then four weeks ago we discovered a red tomato. “A” as in “one” … but, it was RED!

The next week? A red and an orange! Progress.

The week after that we ate our first tomatoes in the garden and Patti & I took a couple a couple of little grape tomatoes home.

Last Wednesday, Brian Ray, our go-to garden guy told us there were about 20 tomatoes out there needing to be picked that day. So we did. Woo! We were happy.

The next day, all excited, I went out to check again and there were another 45 or so ready. Day after that? A(nother) solid 30.

Who flipped the switch on the plants?

Saturday I didn’t go. I was at home eating tomatoes.

Sunday morning? See for yourself … 5 different kinds of tomatoes and green & red sweet bell peppers.

I have never in my life smelled peppers or tomatoes this amazing. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I well up with tears when I pick these veggies off the vine and again when I wash them at my kitchen sink.

I always thought people with gardens were kinda “granola” and trust me, I KNOW some granola. My eyes would glaze over when they started talking about their gardens and “how delicious their crop [of whatever] is” and then their own eyes would roll back in their head and they’d smile and shiver a little just thinking about it. Kinda freaked me out. It’s okay, I just didn’t understand.

But I think now I’m kinda getting there. The “understanding it” part… not the eye roll and body shiver. I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about… anything.

~ by hthr on July 12, 2010.

One Response to “Another day, another basket o’ blessings with stems on”

  1. i hope to see some of your extra tomatoes sitting on my desk sometime soon. Those look amazing! I only have cherry tomatoes this year so i am missing out on the big ones. Guess your 30 tomato plants finally caught up with you. 🙂

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