Love thy neighbor

I was catching up with a friend a few weeks back when she told me her neighbor two doors down had her house up for sale. She said how much she was going to miss her, having the relationship where she could run over for a couple eggs or sugar whenever she was in a pinch, and once she moves, well, she won’t have that anymore.

I thought about it a while after we parted ways. I was bummed for my friend and what she was about to lose, but I walked away with a refreshed sense of gratitude.

A year ago this week, we bought and moved into our home, and my favorite thing remains what I said it was a few weeks after moving in: the neighbors.

It’s funny, really… we dreamed so much of owning a home again and what features it might have, only to realize, the neighbors were the best part. The backyard is growing on me, but the neighbors…they are what makes our life more fun. More shared and interesting and lovely.

At 5pm when it’s not so ridiculously hot outside, you are likely to find all the mama’s outside with the kiddos, garage doors flung open and every toy emptied out as they all play and ride bikes in the road. We will talk and laugh and share about our days until our hubby’s roll down the road and we disappear inside for supper.

We swap cups of sugar and cups of milk, recipes and babysitting favors and herbs and flowers fresh cut from the yard. We know what each other looks like without having been to “hair & makeup” first, and sometimes we hang out in our pj’s: one brings coffee, one brings cream.

We run taste tests of food, straight out of the oven to each other, and have their keys on our ring. We text late into the night, be it, “your garage door is open” or “life hurts…pray for me.” And we do.

We love each others children, and feed them and pick them up when they fall. We celebrate life’s little milestones together… training wheels off, teeth lost, potty training… and the big ones too. Soon we will welcome home a son adopted from Africa, the dream of this family’s heart… a story unfolding on the sidewalk over the past year. Later this fall, the arrival of a baby boy or a girl, and then a race to the hospital to see him or her.

It’s fun to decorate a house and make it feel like home, but today, I’m reflecting on how grateful I am for my neighbors, who made this place feel like home long before the boxes were unpacked.

Who am I kidding? There are still boxes around here.


~ by hthr on July 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Love thy neighbor”

  1. How wonderful to be surrounded by friends!! Definitely a huge blessing! Loved this post!

  2. beautifully written. i am jealous. sooooo wish I had that here.

  3. Good friends and good neighbors are worth their weight in gold! And, btw, I still have boxes stuffed in my entryway closet…. 3 years later. Ugh

  4. I am so deeply affected by this entry. Our neighbors have become close friends just over the past year. We share a glass of wine in the driveway after all the kids are tucked in…no one has to leave home or get babysitters. Such a blessing! Also, it’s wonderful to have friends on the same street for myself AND for the kiddos. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful, Heather!

  5. […] a blessed thing to love your neighbors and live life the way we do. I hear how uncommon it is, but I guess for me, the truth of that fades because for the past two […]

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