Tomato plants: the gifts that just keep giving

Day 3 harvest:

Crazy, huh? Patti’s basket is bigger than my 7 year olds HEAD! I have no idea what Ave was trying to say here. It was probably something like, “get me home I’m breaking a sweat” or “tomatoes rock! git you some!”

Last night, Brian made tacos for our family for dinner. I wasn’t feeling well so I was lying on the couch, forgiven of any supper duty. Later at dinner, I got about 4 or 5 bites into it and said, “Seems like something is missing.” We all sat kinda quiet for a few moments. “Sour Cream!” Taylor said. I started laughing… “Umm, yes, but I was thinking….tomatoes!” Hilarious.

We forgot. That’s what happens when stress and exhaustion combine. We’re thankful it’s the weekend! Stop over and we’ll share some tomatoes with you!


~ by hthr on July 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tomato plants: the gifts that just keep giving”

  1. Ok now I feel bad that I was talking to you when you didn’t feel well and didn’t even know! 😦 And if we were in town, I would totally take you up on your fabulous offer.

    • Oh Em, don’t feel bad! If I couldn’t talk I wouldn’t have answered! I loved chatting, of course, and when we are all back, dinner again and a gift of tomatoes! xo

  2. […] next day, all excited, I went out to check again and there were another 45 or so ready. Day after that? A(nother) solid […]

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