The veggies must be tasty. The bugs are eating them.

Oh dear sweet garden. What ever goes on out there when we are not with you?

I’ve seen the lightning bugs dance all around, over and through at dusk. It’s a beautiful sight! Each time I see it, I immediately begin to sing one of my favorite songs…

You dance over me
While I am unaware.
You sing all around
But I never hear a sound
Lord, I’m amazed by You…
How you love me

At first it was cute to see the little critters inhabiting the garden. They were kind of like bug celebrities to my kids. I’d take their picture and marvel at how God placed them there in the garden.

I’m not feelin 100% of that “marvel-ousness” at the moment though.

This is a green pepper plant.

No, really, it is! Looks like a deer or raccoon or something considered it an all-night buffet does it not? Or maybe someone was mad and wacked it with a machete?

See this little bitty grasshopper on my hand?

It and it’s army of however many frat boy g-hop buddies, are getting drunk on tomato vine & green pepper leaf juice. They are the ones yielding the machetes.

And Patti and I are not happy about it. Unfortunately, grasshoppers don’t respond to us giving them “the look” Oh, but in other news, my kids are catching on!

Check out this lil guy. We wondered if it was wreaking havoc on some of our tomato plants and if that white stuff was a fungus amung us or what but our garden guru friend Brian Ray said to squash those suckers! Those are wasp eggs that have been stung onto and laid on that worm. Rude. Now I feel bad for it. He’s kinda soft and squishy looking.

But all is not sad bug infested news! Patti made an amazing find!


Is that not just one of the cutest little garden miracles? These babies are buried in some tall tall grass. I was afraid to weed it too aggressively and I’m glad I waited… now we know what bean leaves look like! I’d have cried over their discovery, but instead I was cryin over the sting of sweat rolling directly into my eyeball. Ouchy mama. It’s hot out there!

I’m so glad Patti and I got to work in the garden together that day because it was the first time we were able to eat anything from it! It’s God’s perfect timing, that we would be able to share that together.

It is an unmatched moment, to have been thinking about and planning and weeding and caring for and praying for this garden for the past 2 months and then all of a sudden, you get there and you can totally just pick the veggies off the vine and EAT THEM?!

Ohhhh my.

That has been one of my favorite moments of the summer. Weed, prune, weed, pick & eat a tomato, weed, admire, weed, pick a tomato – warm off the vine. marvel. eat. fall even more in love with the garden, the process and the Rainmaker. The Light-giver. The One who seasons our garden and seasons our lives. Bugs & all.

Whew! Man I love that garden.

Miraculous indeed. And I guess in a way, I don’t blame the bugs much for wanting to hang out there. Delicious. Aromatic. And I like to think that as the lightning bugs dance all over and in and through the gardens out in little Leipers Fork, so does my God.

~ by hthr on July 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “The veggies must be tasty. The bugs are eating them.”

  1. […] week after that we ate our first tomatoes in the garden and Patti & I took a couple a couple of little grape tomatoes […]

  2. […] week after that we ate our first tomatoes in the garden and Patti & I took a couple a couple of little grape tomatoes […]

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