Fairy Dust

When your children are born into the world, you have high hopes not only for them, but for yourself, as a parent.

You hope that you can give them a childhood they will love and look back on fondly. You set traditions in place that you envision being passed down through the generations. And then you pepper in tons of fun, quirky things that you hope will make them smile years later as they reminisce as adults.

We’ve been working a tooth loose in Avery’s mouth for a week. Last Sunday on our way out the door to church, she showed it to us. It was far more loose than I would have imagined since she hadn’t mentioned it until just then. By Monday afternoon, I was sure it was coming out any moment. I had the camera battery charged, the sink plugged, extra napkins nearby: we were ready for some tooth yankin action. Her first one. Big deal.

Big deal. And we worked at it, took pictures, talked her through it, she looked in the mirror, wiggled it some more, let us try, looked at it again… and we finally gave up because we were then running 30 minutes behind to where we were headed and she decided that it was not the appointed hour.

The daddy must also be present and accounted for.

All week long we have stared at this teeny tiny baby tooth. It looked like it could just fall right on out. The child ate pizza, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, steak … nothing.

Sunday in church, our friend Dave was saying Hi, and I said to him, “Dave! Pull that child’s tooth out!” So he reached right into her mouth as only he would be allowed to do and gripped that thing and she, completely stunned and with no where to go in his grip just widened her eyes as I smirked on. He set her down and she turned around to me, and she started to say something, when I saw that her mouth was full of blood.

Oh no, I thought. Why did I just go there? I have on a brand new white linen shirt. ::sigh::

She and I ran over to the bathroom to clean her up. And she finished the long awaited task and lifted that thing right out.

As much as I wanted the tooth out because it’s just weird to see it wobblin all around in there, I was SAD, y’all. My baby girls smile is about to rack loose like dominoes. You know it’s true. We worked hard to get those teeth in there and now here they go already.

But don’t feel bad for me. The sad part comes now. The part where I tell you that the Tooth Fairy forgot to exchange the goods Sunday night. Tooth for money. It just didn’t even cross my mind until I awoke Monday morning to my baby child curled up in the fetal position on the other side of my bed -wailing- because she had indeed been forgotten.

Lord help us. We are terrible awful people.

Monday night, Brian was out of town so as he called to say good night, he reminded me to deliver the goods. My friend Natalie spent the night with us and as we were all in Avery’s room getting ready to say goodnight to her and all, I got the very special tooth fairy pillow for the tooth. Avery ever so carefully handed me the tooth to place in the tiny pocket. I looked it over, smiled with a bit of a heart tug over this exciting new experience for her, pinched it between my thumb and forefinger to place it in the pocket and … it flipped out of my care into our half inch long frieze shag carpet.

Beige. Like my coffee.
With a bit of a sparkle highlight. Like her tooth.

No way.

Roughly an hour later, after combing the carpet and feeling certain I might lose my mind if I continued, or grieve my daughter if I gave up, I decided she was in better condition sad and en route to being asleep, as opposed to having a crazy mom. Bite your tongue.

I assured her repeatedly that the Tooth Fairy is special because she knows all about the teeth. Teeth are her business! She knows. She will deliver. Ave cried so, so hard, and was all, “NO, it HAS to be under the pillow or she won’t come!”

“Yes she will.”

“Noooo. It has to be under the pillow.”

“She knows Ave.”

“Waaaahaaaa. If daddy were here, HE would find it.”

Oh good grief. I wanted to say, “Avery! I. AM. The TOOTH FAIRY!” but I didn’t. I wanted to. I almost, almost did. I was trying not to taint her first childhood tooth fairy moment while remembering all those lovely hopes & dreams of parenting sweetness I once had.

And while that fairy chick almost forgot again, she DID deliver.

And so Tuesday morning, upon waking, Avery went in search of an iPhone, an iPad or a computer she could play on. And when I asked if the Tooth Fairy came? She said no.

She didn’t even look.

And so it’s been 2 nights now that she has gone oblivious to the 4 quarters under her pillow, and I’m thinking she may have read my mind or beat me at my own fairy game. I suspect she was playin me for more than a buck. I think I need to prepare now for the teenage years. Or find her an agent.


~ by hthr on June 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fairy Dust”

  1. This is the funniest story, and again you are such a great writer, really. Don’t beat yourself up TOO much. I forgot too. (twice) Now we explain that the tooth fairy is one busy mama, and she’ll get to you when she can. There are hundreds of kids to get to in a single night…oh, and don’t go pullin those teeth out until they fall out all by themselves! They don’t bleed when they are ready….and the next teeth are closer behind !!
    Love ya!

  2. Hey, and add my website to your shutterbugs, ey?

    lol !

  3. heather, you seriously need to write a book! I love the way you write…I would be addicted to your books!!!

  4. @Shawna, I’m on it!
    @Misty, you crack me up…thank you! I love getting your comments. you are a wonderful “virtual” friend to me.

  5. Oh look I found a bead!

    *combing through the carpet*

    Oh another bead!

    *combing through the carpet*

    and another bead….

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