Thankful for rain!

I’ve experienced drought and prayed for rain. And when it’s time for the rain to fall, a feeling of relief and gratefulness sweeps over me.

Now I have an even deeper sense of joy in the rain. For the garden.

Last week, it rained at least 3 times. At first I wondered if the weeds would be knee high by the weekend, but I was relieved to see that they don’t progress quite that quickly!

We were in shock though at how much the garden had grown this week! As in, Brian was yelling like a little kid for me to get over there as I was getting buckets and tools out of the car.

Remember those little thumbnail size green peppers?

How awesome is that?! It’s like when my kids put all the ornaments on one tree branch.

We have one more red tomato and an orange one. But look at the SIZE of this one! I’ll be excited to see it turn red in its own time, but WOW. And remember, I don’t have pretty little size 6 feet. 10. I promise I didn’t touch it with my foot! The tomato is actually above it a few inches!

We did feel a little discouraged when we were there last night. The tomato plants are really unruly and we didn’t cage them early enough. Now it seems an impossible feat to cage those babies up. Almost like dealing with an emotional eight-year-old. But that’s a whole other topic.


~ by hthr on June 21, 2010.

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