Summer Essentials.

This summer I bought a bubble machine. And not just any bubble machine, mind you. No no. This thing blows them up to a foot wide with bubbles inside of bubbles. It can send them 30 feet into the air and let me just tell you … it is very beautiful.

Well yesterday, my friend Jean in Atlanta posted on Facebook :

Emphasis on the SUNBEAM, you’ll notice.

Wow. She must really like this thing I thought. She used words like FAVORITE and PERFECTLY and a lot of exclamation marks.

So I called her. “You eating a sno cone?” I asked. Who needs hello when we have important things to get to.

“Heather. You MUST get one of these.”

Sheesh. The last thing I need is something else to store. Especially in the kitchen.

“No really. It’s revolutionary…” She went on to tell me allll about how fantastic this lil summer sale product was, and why she doesnt trust the off brand, and about the taste tests done at her home and another’s on the different brands of syrup. If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time, right?

“You don’t even have to CLEAN IT! It’s ice! Just open the lid and let it dry!”

I gotta tell ya. That sold me. So I promised her I would be owning one a few hours later and scooted off the phone with visions of sno cone grandeur and zero clean up.

A couple hours later at Target (and a typical hundred dollars for some crazy reason. Is there a Benjamin Franklin Fairy there or something? I always leave one less.) I found exactly as she described, the sno cone machine, the syrups, the cups – all of it. I honestly did not even look at the machine. I just saw “Sno Cone” and “Sunbeam” and put it in my cart.

This morning she called me. “So what do you think of it?”
“I haven’t used it yet. We got home after 10 last night.”
“And you didn’t try it then?”
“Nah, I was tired, and it was late”
“You missed out on having the pleasure of shaved ice though.”
“Well, I just really didn’t want to clean it.”
“There’s like – no parts – to it.”
“Yeah… I’ll try it this afternoon.”
“Why are you waiting?”
“Well I’m headed to meet up with some friends at the pool.”
“And you’re not going to share it with them? You could provide sno cones for all the kids at the pool.”
“Yeahhhh. No. I don’t need to be that popular.”

So we were home from swimming, and ready to partake. I opened the box, rinsed the thing out and plugged it in. Just as promised, perfect little flakes of sno came flying out at me with just the push of the top lid.

There’s this fluffy beautiful quality to it.


This changes so much.

“Are you typing this” she asked me. Kinda nosy for someone who refuses to read my blog I thought.

“No. I’m sitting here on my patio in my bathing suit, legs up on the table, phone in one hand and eating this sno stuff with the other.” To think that I would actually do that? I only play stenographer when my kids make up their own songs. Or when I’m on an important phone call with people who scare me. Like the insurance company. Or the IRS. ((shudder))

When you see me, and if my smile looks blue, (or orange, or red for that matter) … you’ll know why. And I’ll just throw some ice down the hatch and shave it up for you so you can join me.

Meanwhile, I’m back to brainstorming how Jean can have her own talk show. I think she’s the next Oprah.


~ by hthr on June 18, 2010.

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