A long old post and then I can mentally move forward

I bet 2 people read this whole thing. But I have to blog chronologically lest something malfunction in my brain, and it is buggggging me that I am behind. Oh, how I wish I were a good blogger. Instead I am inconsistent, behind, and pitifully apologetic. This post will free my mind and I will feel oh so good at the end of it, like the way a Sonic Lemon-Berry fruit slush makes me feel on a hot day.

That whole stomach virus thing was 2 weekends ago already but I’m still trying to forget. The only thing that keeps me from it, is the fact that the prior weekend as we celebrated a friend’s birthday at the roller skating rink (can you just see us?!) I got all sassy on my skates and decided to crouch down and race my husband. Sadly, it ended with me face down on the rink floor after I skidded across it on my knees and elbows. Because I was wearing my ripped distressed jeans (did I really pay extra for that?) it just made it so much easier to skin my knee ~ in 5 places. The bigger question in my mind though, is, where did that streak of competitiveness come from? Random and completely foreign and not welcome back for obvious reasons.

Ahh yes, I had forgotten what a skinned knee felt like! So as I dove repeatedly onto my bruised battered knees with wild abandon while sick a pair of weekends ago, I was reminded of it in so many many ways. The joy, humiliation and plain ole fact that I am not as young as I used to be. Ouch. Get the tweezers, I see more gray.

Then last weekend, my birthday was on the books. I wanted low key and that is what I got and it was probably my favorite birthday yet. That is, if you omit the visit to the walk in clinic. I’ll omit the fine details, but I needed some medical attention, and I left that germ infested place with an Rx for something they promised would help within a day or so. Something very VERY strong apparently, because I saw that it is the same stuff used to treat Anthrax. With a price tag to boot. Shiz-OW!

I know my memory is pretty weak, but was Anthrax not like, a terror threat a few years back? And now its treatable by popping a pill? If nothing else, I only reaffirmed the reason I’ve not been to a doctor in over 5 years. The sounds of multiple people vomiting at that clinic are still stuck in my head like surround sound. I sat with my arms crossed and trying not to touch any.thing. as I sang happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… I think the Doc was more than happy to see someone who was not nauseated. I seriously went home and completely scrubbed down in the shower and started from scratch in getting ready for dinner even though I had already showered and done hair & makeup for the evening. Blaaaagh!

This past weekend? We had nothing on the calendar for Saturday except to work in the yard. Brian and I agreed that our front and back landscaping needs help and we wanted to take some of it out and, you know, just – make it ours. We didn’t actually make it out to work in the yard until around 4pm. We were hangin at the pool for a few hours (where I was reminded, umm, hello! When the pharmacist says, “You need to stay out of the sun this week” well, then, you need to stay out of the sun this week or you will indeed have something to cry about. Wah.

Brian was watching either football or futbol inside and I decided to get after it while daylight was still ours in the front hedges. I was having a happy ole time with the yard shears and then I told Taylor to find B so we could get his opinion.

I’ll just say that the look on his face when he came outside was enough opinion. Wordless opinion. And then there were words. Words like, “Heather.” And sometimes your name is all you need to hear, you know what I’m sayin? Fortunately, he followed it up with… “What did you do?” “I thought we were going to make a plan first.” and “Now what?”

::sigh:: So we headed over the garden to get our shovel so we could dig out what was left of what I had sheared off just above ground level. 7 shrubs I think? It’s lookin a little sparse up in there just now. But once we got to the garden? We just couldn’t leave. Until we HAD to leave because there was no more daylight! 3.5 hours weeding in the garden. I have never in my life been so dirty. I. loved it. Here are a few pictures from Saturday nights garden date.

First, Brian found a tool in the shed that is like a giant razor on the weeds. Cut the weeding time down in thirds. Awesome! It was a moment to behold. He was ecstatic as far as gardening ecstasy goes down.

Taylor got in on some weeding action. I was pleased she was showing interest. I’ve realized that just because I’m excited about the garden, doesn’t mean that the girls naturally are. Much like, I do not get excited about playing Littlest Pet Shop or Polly Pockets with them. I don’t do pretend very well. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

How cute is this? A green pepper about the size of my thumbnail. Don’t worry, it will get bigger than that.

We were excited to see all these lil tomatoes. Stay tuned this week for my tomato theory that has been corrected by those whose eyes have seen.

Ohhhh, for lack of research.

Yesssssir. Fantastically hot potential farmer material right there. He has a bucket of weeds but we dumped 2.5 wheelbarrows full of weeds just that night.

Child labor at its cutest:

I think red cabbage needs to be planted in the spring, so we may not end up with any, but my oh my… it is beautiful. Everytime I’m down there, I sit and look at it. Gorgeous.

Love that. So, late Sunday afternoon we headed back to church for the annual Barn Bash that is just plain awesomeness. There were over 1100 people there… games and fun stuff for the kids, food and all that greatness, our church’s band playing and then at 6pm, everyone gathers at the banks of the river (yes, the one that flooded up over the garden) to watch people get baptized. I especially love it because we are not somber and quiet about baptisms. No-sir-eeee. We cheer and celebrate like nothing you’ve heard before when people come up out of the water. Yes, even more than at the U2 concert. Can you even imagine 1000 people cheering as you are baptized?! Love it.

When it was over, and because we were already sweaty and borderline dirty, we worked in the garden a couple hours longer. I finally caught a pic of the whole garden. Maybe you can really grasp how BIG it is by this pic. Brian estimates that it’s about 250 square feet. I dunno. BIG y’all. It’s big.

And we had one very VERY happy surprise … a RED tomato!!! First one.

Might not look like much to you, but it was absolutely beautiful to us. What an awesome thing.

Now I gotta tell ya, Brian admitted to me last night that he was a little irritated about the whole garden idea at first, but now he’s falling in love with it. Last night as he hammered some more stakes in the ground, he stopped and looked at me and said, “I can see it now. In a few years…10 acres of land in Leipers and we can garden!” Who is he again?

Mmmkay. We will need a pool.” I couldn’t believe I just said that.

“And a studio in the back of the property.”

Oh yeah, okay, he IS in there under all that dirt.



~ by hthr on June 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “A long old post and then I can mentally move forward”

  1. MY DEAR FRIEND Heather! You ride yourself all too hard my sweet pea. I love reading your blog and I am sure there are others who do too! You make me laugh…I am so with you about being chronological in all my posts that I will even post something in the rears and someone may never even see it, but dad gum it, it will be orderly and as the events happen even if other things of mine are not. LOL! Thanks for sharing about your gardening experiences, I love hearing about it all! Don’t let me forget…a lemon berry slush??? thats my alltime fav! Can I join you today at happy hour? Darn, realistically only in my dreams as we are eons apart in distance, so it won’t work, but I’ll enjoy thinking of you the next time I have one. Have a sweet day!

  2. I read every single post! I lurve it!!! And I’m sure there are much more readers than you realize.

    We haven’t had our first red tomato yet but I know my hubby will be SO excited when we finally do.

  3. […] watched as little green tomatoes started to form and then four weeks ago we discovered a red tomato. “A” as in “one” … but, it was […]

  4. […] watched as little green tomatoes started to form and then four weeks ago we discovered a red tomato. “A” as in “one” … but, it was […]

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