You know that feeling like the world is whizzing past you and you are nearly sure you are about to drop the ball on something so you end up white knuckling your calendar and every list and note you’ve made to be sure you don’t?!

I’m kind of coming down off that ride right now.

And every year I swear that I will not neglect my poor little blog in the two most eventful and memorable times of the year: December and the end of the school year. Fa Fa Fa FAIL.

Let me just tell you, waking up in bed Monday morning at 8:30am instead of 6:30 felt pret-ty amazing. The confusion of where is Brian and what are my kids doing was a little weird but overall … loved it. And Tuesday, and Wednesday

What day is today anyway? [Oh, I wrote this two weeks ago? Go figure. Proceed.]

Those who know me know I am ever the home-body, but lately, it’s functionally a little stressful and when I get overwhelmed, I lock up. I get this mental emotional brainfreeze… and then do nothing. So it is with projects pertaining to home sweet home and for some reason, I have it in my head that some new bookshelves will fix everything. Like, presto chango my life-o!

Ahh yes, I’m back to this again. Everyone has lives that are full… full schedules (which most days feels like enough to try and manage!), full bags of dreams and expectations and responsibilities. The thing that gets me when I’m overloaded is trying to balance the responsibilities while gently instilling life lessons in my kids without completely freaking them out about impending adulthood. Oh, and also full? My garage. Our closets and cabinets and boxes…still.

And I don’t want it that way. I don’t like it like that. It’s all gotta go, but life is so – busy and full and demanding and so SO good all the same. And I kind of think this is normal even if we aren’t. It’s our normal. And I think I kind of love it that way too, even if it makes me pull my hair out occasionally. It’s just that the motivation to accomplish more beyond the usual is lacking just now. And there are times it makes me cry. And not just during that one week of the month that I’m feeling extra fragile. (By the way, would it be possible to reschedule the last week of school next year? That was kinda very bad for me.)

So here I am. Welcoming in summer (two weeks late) and hoping upon hope that I can walk the line of having fun with my kids and not trash the house while having said fun. If we could improve on it a bit, that would be utterly fantastic.

The good news is, the yearbook has been submitted. We should pause now for a moment of silence.

Also on the homefront, VBS has only 1 day left (Why am I so tired after only 3 hours of VBS every morning? What is that about?). And maybe, MAYBE, next week, I will discover some kind of normalcy. Like, you know, lounging at the pool and cookin out in the backyard with some friends, throwin some corn hole… yeah, I’m ready. I just want a week with no responsibilities and then I’ll pull my brain back on.

Meanwhile, here are a couple pics of my 2nd and 3rd grade girlies! And if no one has told you today that “they grow up fast”, let me be the first to tell you … they grow up fast.


~ by hthr on June 10, 2010.

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