I lost a week, but I know where it went.

I guess it all started last Tuesday at lunch. Brian was out with a bunch of his team and everyone that ate sushi, became very very ill. As in, the video team was just decimated ill. We all assume it was food poisoning.

Late Thursday afternoon, with Brian home from the office recuperating, Avery started throwing up. Seriously?! Bless her heart, it was the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time under my roof. I laid her down in our bed and she slept a good while. Bri and I were watching tv when I thought I heard her calling us. I paused it and looked at him while I listened for her again. All of a sudden [CAUTION: if you know you’re prone to judging, you should stop here] I jumped up, yelled something along the lines of “oh my word! she’s in OUR bed!” and RAN, skipping steps upstairs to get to her. Every step I took, my mind chanted “500 thread count. 500 thread count.” Aaagh!! She was laying sick on our couple weeks new sheets. White sheets. And, I may as well add, the most expensive sheets we’ve ever owned.

As I rounded the doorway into our bedroom to help her, the light from the bathroom cast just enough light that I could see her, sitting  upright in the middle of the bed, her cheeks puffed out as if they were full of air and some little friend were going to pop them (but NOooo! Pleeeeease don’t!) and her little index finger pressed horizontal across her lips as if it were a seal to keep it alll inside.

My eyes got big as golf balls and I dove to grab her and run into the bathroom. Once we were on the linoleum I was okay. And after she vomited a few more times, she was too.

Friday was pretty somber as she rested and hung out and B was thankfully back to work and looking miiiighty skinny.

Saturday morning, Brian woke up inspired to paint, and when I woke up a couple hours later, I was feeling inspired to throw things away. What a pair! This was surely the day we’ve been waiting for all year. We got to work painting the den. All of us. It went well. It was fun. And then it gets a little shady for me on the timing of it all, and who beat who to the bucket, but Taylor & I both got sick within an hour of each other. And boy did we ever get sick. I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s something I learned. Because there may as well be something. If you’re going to throw up –a lot– and frequently, you may as well get a bucket the same height as your couch or bed or whatever so you only have to hang half your head off of it. That way your stomach doesn’t have to fight gravity. That’s a life tip right there.

So we’re better now. And my smart friend Tanya suggested that maybe the sushi wasn’t bad, but maybe the sushi chef had a virus he gifted them since the symptoms had traveled on to quite a few others who hadn’t eaten there that day.  I don’t know, but I don’t want that again. If anyone around me doesn’t feel good I am running away as fast as I can!

I have a lot to tell you. I just thought first you should know where I’ve been. It’s weird, you’d think, I’m home having some sick days. I could sit on the computer and do some stuff. But no. I had zero interest. And I certainly didn’t feel like crafting paragraphs.

Brian either. He laid in bed so sick and still and I said, “Can I get you a legal pad? I know you’re thinking about things at work. You can write it down for later!”

“I am not. thinking. about anything.”

Well said. I totally get that reality now.

The new den paint looks beautiful. A new shade of beige to add to our gallery of … beige. When it was all done, Brian said, “Can we add some color?” I just stared at him.

Beige is my favorite color. It’s the color of my coffee.


~ by hthr on June 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “I lost a week, but I know where it went.”

  1. 1- Totally could have used a couch-height trash can when I was morning sick for 6 weeks with each of my four girls. Good call.

    2- During softball season when Jake tears his legs up and refuses to use bandages- we have “softball season sheets” Yuck.

    3- I love my house painted in crazy colors… don’t make me come paint your kitchen red!


  2. Oh yuck, I’m so sorry! Puking is the worst.

    I love beige too. It’s easier to add splashes of color with art or fabric. I dislike painting very much.

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