Mornings in the garden

I have a lot weighing on my head and heart right now. Decisions to make that demand a lot of wisdom and foresight. Feelings of frustration and discouragement that I am battling moment by moment, waging a tug of war inside of me because ultimately there is an overreaching umbrella of joy and peace, knowing it’s all going to be okay.

I will be alright.
We will be alright.

I went to the garden this morning to do some weeding. Some of my favorite times with the Lord are while doing monotonous repetitive projects, and this would be the perfect morning to lock in on that. When I arrived, I walked through the rows of small plants to admire how much they’ve grown since last Friday. I bent down to look at them closer. Beautiful. Green. Growing. In all the flooding, we only lost 2 cilantro and 3 cucumber plants, which is just amazing to me.

As I made my way over to the one surviving cucumber plant, I noticed among the weeds and dirt a glistening and reflecting light. I got down real low to get a better look.

It was stunning. A little old web, catching the glory of the morning dew and every teeny tiny drop – reflecting the glory of the Sun. The glory of our God.

I found it hard to pray. I seem to be quite the catch all lately for being rendered speechless and being caught in the midst of moments that make it hard to breath. That makes them memorable, I suppose. It makes me pause from the go-go-go in my thoughts and to-do lists that never end and just be and stop and notice and learn.

I probably sat and looked at these gorgeous little webs, for 15 or 20 minutes. They were everywhere I discovered. I just had to stop and get down and look. They glistened in purple and gold … oh, they are breathtaking!

While I admired them, I was reminded that our Father is in the details. I was gonna go rake up some weeds – the overall coverage of green in our garden right now. A bit messy and in need of some work. That’s what I saw. That’s what I knew.

But then I got down and got quiet and saw all the beauty that lays beneath the leaves. And I just knew, that if God not only could, but WOULD put His handiwork on a web, under our cucumber plants so early in the morning, how much more will He put His handiwork on my life? How much more does He care for me, and my family, and the things that lie beneath the leaves in our lives?

The Lord definitely met me in the garden this morning. He showed me just what I wanted so badly to be reminded of and feel again in my heart.

He is in the details.


~ by hthr on May 19, 2010.

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  1. hmmmm 🙂 Amen…

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