T&A: Their first REAL job

My kids want a dog. And while he hasn’t actually said it yet, I think my husband does too.

I, however, do not. Because I know what will happen. I will be the one who has to take care of it while B goes to work and the girls go to school. It’s the requirement of coming home during the day to let it out for 5 minutes so I don’t have other messes to clean up that gets me the most. Emphasis on I.

So I’m really grateful that our friends asked THE GIRLS to dogsit this weekend so they could have some added responsibility and a chance to love on their dogs. Taylor never actually means to ignore her friends, but if they have a dog? She’s hanging with the 4 legged friend first. She’s obsessed. It’s embarrassing.

This dogsitting is the girls gig. Not mine. I just sit on the couch, put my feet up and let them do their thing.

But what I’ve observed from my newly claimed spot on their couch has made my heart do that little swelling jumping exploding thing, because, seriously? The girls are so incredibly sweet and loving…and responsible. Whoa. And while I expected nothing less, they absolutely care for these sweet sweet dogs, who, by the way made me crouch and cover my head anytime I saw them come running the first 8 months I was around them. They are big dawgies. Tay crawled into Duke’s cage with him to scratch his head and help him chill. It was pretty precious.

She came in the house a little while ago and snuck into the garage and back out again. I heard her, but B & me were deep in conversation so I didn’t ask what she was up to. She came back later and said, “Buster was bored and didn’t know what to do, so I gave him one of our frisbee’s and he’s really happy now. Put teeth marks in it and everything, so he knows what to do…”

See, I would just think dogs are happy to hang out in the backyard all day. She thinks, much like Kindergarten age kids, that they need activity centers.

She’s gonna do something really great one day.

[edited to add: at lunch today, she told us she tried on one of their barking collars, barked, and it sprayed her. I guess it’s all about the experience.]


~ by hthr on May 8, 2010.

One Response to “T&A: Their first REAL job”

  1. You know what I’m going to say about this situation, right? I mean, I’m the girl that loves her dog more than life itself, so I totally think you should buy the girls a puppy! I’ve told that to Brian repeatedly over the years, but I think he just rolls his eyes at me.

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