Spongebaths. Garden style.

With all the excitement of a garden left standing, I was itching to get over there and work on it some more. Today, the girls & I introduced Brian to the patch of land where we pink booted gardeners have staked claim. He will not be purchasing any pink boots to join the camaraderie of it all.

So we got to work…Brian raking over the ground. It’s amazing how awfully dry & crackly it is after all that rain. The girls hauled water and dug up a little trench along the side to keep other water away.

We found some awesome things there today…like, GROWTH!

This is truly a miracle to me. To see the growth in just 9 days is nothing short of amazing! Brian says, “Just wait!”

We found…the first of many (we hope!) beans! What a sight.

I’m about to get emotional over beans.

I had to take a pic and send it to Jay & Patti immediately! (And Brian apparently took a pic of me taking a pic).

Look at this awesome bug with racing stripes!

I wonder if its the same lil bug that got artistic on this cucumber leaf. Check it~

When I was up at the garden Monday, I knew I wanted to come back and wash the silt and mud off the plants, so that was the bulk of our purpose in going there today; to give the plants each a spongebath. So we did. Brian might have thought I was a little bit crazy, but he kept it to himself. He is wise beyond his years.

It occurred to me when we were almost done that, we were washing dirt off of plants planted in dirt that would continue to get dirty. And then I questioned my own frame of mind. But I think it was by far the best thing to do. After all, we have no idea what was in that river water. A lot of random rocks and debris were left behind so it was good to work through it.

Sidenote: I think Brian would make a cute farmer.

We planted some squash and gave each plant a good long drink of a Miracle Grow concoction. It looked beautiful and green(er) again when we left. We all held hands and B prayed over the garden.

Love it. And I love investing time and energy in it. It’s a process, but anything worthwhile always is.

~ by hthr on May 8, 2010.

One Response to “Spongebaths. Garden style.”

  1. I love the photo with you and the camera! It’s so thrilling to see the little plants poking their heads out, I know, especially after a flood.

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