Getting to know you.

It never fails.

You meet someone, make introductions and before long, the question arises “So what does your husband do?”

I thought you weren’t supposed to ask that in this town?

Since Brian is gone to the Bahamas fishing filming EntreLeadership for 10 days, I thought I’d introduce him to you with this video. A lot of people change when the video camera is in front of them, but he is obviously comfortable. This is SO HIM.  Meet some of the other creative team members here too!

He made a nice catch out deep sea fishing earlier this week. Who knew Mahi Mahi were so beautiful?! Don’t raz him too hard and assume it’s all sun & fun… he probably won’t hit the pillow tonight!


~ by hthr on April 29, 2010.

One Response to “Getting to know you.”

  1. LOVED this! So fun! It also let me watch the other team members’ videos too… makes me miss that place so much. What a blessing to work for Dave.

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