Finally catching on

I think I finally get it.

When people dread turning another year older? I absolutely, positively OWN that reality.

30 has not been nice to me. And in only 6 more weeks, I’m expected to up the digits.

I might skip it this year altogether. I’m thinking that if I don’t acknowledge it, maybe it will leave me alone, or at least give me a grace period.

Ugh. I feel old. And honestly, the reason you haven’t heard from me in the past few weeks is not because I have nothing to say. I have plenty to say. I just can’t keep my eyes open long enough to tap it out on the keys!

There is only one thing I can think of that might truly make a difference.


I stopped working out last year within a week or so of my big 3-0 and I might be swayed to believe that the lack of exercise since then has been what ate my year.

What was I thinking?

I suggested a few weeks back to some friends that we go out dancing and was met with crickets. Fail. Then a friend suggested I try Zumba with her. That was fun, but sweaty minus a cool outfit. Another friend is telling me I’ve gotta try kickboxing at the Y. I am serious – I am so scared about looking like a fool, I have vividly dreamt about it TWICE. Where’s that Beth Moore book anyway?

I am ready to paint a few rooms in my house which I hope will rebuild some of the swagger now on display where my biceps formerly were. I won’t even go there on what I witnessed today while I got dressed. I’m going to blame that knowledge on fuzzy eyes due to the lack of caffeine vs. the lack of self control around the leftover homemade buttercream icing in the fridge. But I know better.

So here’s what I’m interested in knowing from the 5 readers I have left:

Do you work out? If so, do you feel better when you do? Regret it when you don’t? What kind of exercise do you do?

Have you ever skipped for a year, like me, and thought it was all downhill from there? Is it all downhill from here?

I really do suspect that I am the one who messed up my 30th year. Maybe that stupid Wii Fit game is right. Maybe I AM 82. Or maybe home-ownership has ruined me. Maybe the mortgage debt really IS killing me slowly.


~ by hthr on April 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Finally catching on”

  1. Oh I love you, dear sweet girl!! I’m 32 now 😦 I went through the whole thing too. Personally, I’d like to skip all birthdays and just stay 20 something but age is a state of mind. I’ve said for years that my perfect life would consist of getting up early, going to the gym, coming home and showering/getting ready for the day, and being dressed and at the breakfast table reading the Bible as my children awake. 🙂 reality? not until recently, and not without some serious discipline!! In January I started going to the gym from 6:30-7:30 each morning. It took a little too much out of me to do it everyday and I found that M/W/F has worked much better. It gives my body the freedom to recover and to sleep in a little every other day. Sadly enough, I have lost a few pounds, gained em back, lost em again etc. etc. But I have definitely firmed up and I have WAY more energy on the days that I do. Unfortunately, after two months I fell off the bandwagon… daylight savings messed me up big time, Robin was working w/ me and she hurt her knee, and Heath had some things at work that were requiring early mornings. Last week, I started back up, felt great, and this week 3 of my 4 have bronchitis and I’ve been back home again. You just keep plugging away. (ps- the wii fit is a whole lot nicer to me on the days that I work out too.. it says my balance is perfect and doesn’t ask if I “find myself tripping a lot” lol.) sorry for the book. I’ve been wanting to email you and w/out facebook, I don’t even have your email address anymore!! Miss you!

  2. Hey Heather, Yes!!! I find that I feel much better when I workout. I did Curves (gym for woman) or 4.5yrs and loved it. Then when I decided to start my own business and continue working full time, it went bybye. That was 21months ago…I must say: my body misses it and it shows that it does too, I know it would help with times of stress & energy levels, etc, but I simply do not have the time (or so I tell mysef). I have tried the workout videos at home but there is something about that companion at the gym that really motivates me, even if its not the same person, just the trainer and the others who show up really enspires me. But I am working on that 6months emergency fund so there is no extra money to resume the $30 monthly gym membership fee. I guess like you, I need to refocus and really just be discplined and alot me some “me” time for exercise. Thanks for sharing!

  3. No, I don’t work out. Yes, I constantly feel guilty about it (as in, daily). I wish I had a workout partner too!

  4. Are you serious?! I thought I was alone in this! I have been a religious excerciser my whole short life! Had 4 kids – got the weight off immediately. And now? Having baby #5 at 30 and this crazy move all messed with my brain and my body. Excercise is so sporatic for me now and I feel plain miserable. How do we break back into LIFE as we formally knew it? I don’t want to go back in time, but I do want to figure out how to revamp, rejunvinate, re-do something in order to survive this life phase with balance and dignity!

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