Then comes the morning

This morning the alarm went off in the next room, and, i don’t know, apparently Brian got it and brought it back to bed and we both fell back to sleep. I woke up at 7:04, had a moment of panic, dozed back off, and then had a second freak out moment when I realized I had fallen back to sleep, yet again.

I hurried out of bed, grabbed my glasses, looked in Taylor’s room -her bed was empty-, looked in Avery’s room -she was very cozily still snoozin-, I woke her up and she was just so extra sweet and I forgot we were late as we cuddled and talked. I blindly made my way downstairs, and walked past my new chair where Taylor sat, curled up in her pj’s and doing her devotions.

Aside from having overslept by an hour fifteen minutes, my day could not have started better. My girl was drawn to the chair with her devos first thing in the morning. Picture perfect.

I should have been the one there when she came downstairs for breakfast, but God knew I needed these girls – my heart is always convicted by watching them.

Tonight after supper, Brian headed out to hang with the guys for the evening and Taylor crawled back up in the chair with her book. “Can I read to you?” she asked me.

“I would love it!” She began reading from her devo book again and the title was, “A Clean House”.

[As a side note, I would just like to say that I have been grouchy all day long because my house has a funky smell. And it has come and gone for a few months, and I have tried all kinds of different things and I can’t figure out what it is or what helps it go away, but it just should not be. I was so determined to find it today that I was literally touching the walls to see if they were wet and even SNIFFING THEM in some parts of the house to see if they were/are what smells weird to me. I swear my nose is burned out between the gas heat and the ridiculous number of candles I have burning in the house.]

Anyhooooo. The devo she read to me was about doing a little everyday so a little work doesn’t become an overwhelming big job (ahem) and the kids helping even though the mom does it all the time. I’m struggling with that lately as my attitude is horrible because the kids throw stuff down when they get home, and can’t find it later, I have to step over it, they don’t put it away, and I’m trying to rework some processes, but man, I get frustrated. At the end where they reinforce the point, it says, “You might not think housework is any fun, but you have to admit that it’s great when everything is clean and you can find your things. It’s important to keep the clutter out of your heart too.”

Is this really a kids devo? I should use it for my own for a while.

I was all welled up with tears as she read it from across the room. I guess I just need to keep pluggin along. Today was kind of an odd day, but it ended with my daughter reaffirming that it is important to keep the clutter out of my heart. Maybe it’s a theme for my family and not just me. I know B is dealing with it on many levels as well.

I’m thankful for how truth is revealed and in language and text targeted toward 8 year old girls levels of understanding.

I’m thankful for Taylor’s ideas and refreshing perspective on life. The other day she tripped and literally went airborne like a superhero, all horizontal through the air. She came down HARD and I was sure something was broken. The noise of the fall, the tone of the scream… I really thought we were headed to the ER but thankfully we were singing & laughing on our way home 10 minutes later. That night, she was recounting the fall and said, “it was like God turned off gravity for me for a few seconds so I could see what it would be like to fly. It was AWESOME! And then He turned it back on and made it perfect again, and that’s when I fell back to the ground. But it’s okay.” And then she said she couldn’t wait for heaven so she could fly around like the angels.

I’m thankful for her eye for change. The other day we arrived home from school, she ran out of the garage and over to a tree in our front yard and would not relax until I had come over to see the creation. God’s creation. In our yard. In yellow. Pretty stellar.

These of course, are breathtaking. But please also consider the toilet paper roll rose my child created for our friend Collin. He was planning to come for dinner at our house a couple weeks back and got sick and never made it over, so after dinner she typed him a note (I will be polite and not post it for you to see, but if I remember correctly it was signed, “Your Best Friend, Taylor Williams”.

I asked Brian after she had gone to bed, “What IS that thing?
“It’s a ROSE Hthr.”
Ohh. Oh my gosh. It’s so awesome! Why don’t I ever get roses like that?!
“Because. You are pretty clear that you don’t like them.”

Dang. I would give most anything to get some roses like that from my kid. 

Love her so much.

Now, if I could just work on fine tuning her eye for photography.

*The chandelier arrived! 18 empty sockets to fill. Wah.

**Found the funky house smell. Or one of them. The deep freezer in the garage went out. Apparently last week. Good times.


~ by hthr on March 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Then comes the morning”

  1. In regards to the smell, I think it might be that little mouse from the old house, he has found you again! 🙂

    • Dude! That was a funny night. I was just recounting to someone recently how Alyssa & I were standing on the couch watching the mouse run under the stove!

      It def smells like what I imagine decomposition to smell like. There is nothing funny about this though. We discovered that our garage chest freezer went out…there are no words. No words to describe the… yeah. just, literally the most horrible thing I have ever smelled. It reached epic proportions when I opened it late this afternoon and released it into the world. I literally ran to the side of the house to vomit. My neighbors DOWN THE STREET were checking their kids diapers & trash to figure out what that awful smell was. And I had only opened it for 10 seconds!!!!

      My mom thinks we should get all the meat out of it and double/triple bag it and dump it in a dumpster. Brian thinks we should tape the freezer shut and put it at the curb for the trash man. I don’t know what to think except that my chances are probably ZERO that it will disappear overnight. ((shaking head and not smiling. not big anyway.))

  2. The smell thing would have driven me crazy. I am so sorry to hear that. At least you found out what it was. I just spring cleaned/restructured my kitchen area for a week. I think that I will have the rest of my house done by Christmas.

    Aside from that, how precious that you are seeing the work of God in the little hearts of your girls. I love that their devos were right where you were. That is wonderful.

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