Master Bedroom: first purchases & a big [big] uh-oh.

Something about decorating feels “wrong” to me. I don’t know how to explain it, except that, I think it has to do with what a blessed people we are, and then wanting it to be “nicer” or “better” than what it is. It all leads to me being terrified of coming across as ungrateful, which is the furthest thing from reality.

At the same time, when I look at colors in a sunrise or a sunset, and the shape of the landscape and variations in plants and animals … I can’t help but think that God is a decorator too. Not “just” a painter, geographer or zoologist. He’s a creator with an unequaled eye for things. And textures, and sounds, and colors…

This decorating project has gone from frustrating and overwhelming to fun. And a little funny too.

One of the key things we want in the bedroom is a place to sit and read. We don’t have a quote-unquote “style”, but we want something sort of traditional with a twist. The seating needs to have a high back because we like for our necks to be supported and have a good height arm. I think that’s par for the course for tall people. 

A few weeks back I found a linen settee that I loved with an exaggerated wingback style and all. Much like the much loved “Alice In Wonderland” chairs from Schnadig I spotted 8 years ago and never forgot, only to find one in the children’s room in a local bookstore last year. That was a fun moment. Because our decorating project was new and relatively wide open with possibility, I didn’t want to make any rushed spontaneous purchases, (especially sizeable ones I’d have to haul around!) I decided to “sleep on it” and see if my feelings changed about it overnight.

They didn’t. I still liked it and when I went back to buy it the next day, it was sold and gone.

Bummer. But truth be told, the nearly non-existent arm height did bother me just a bit.

I was sure any number of other beautiful sorts of seating were yet to be found. My favorite shopping spot aside from PD’s and HomeGoods is Craigslist ~ especially since I am trying to stretch the decorating budget!

So this week, I saw this chair come up and the title wasn’t anything special. It was all just good timing, really… so short story shorter? I bought it.

B says this is “Heather’s chair” because the leather chair is “his chair” and it is, but this one will go in the bedroom. I am over. the. moon about it. I was driving home going, Really Lord? I love it so much MORE than even the Alice chairs I’ve had in my mind all these years. Really?? Yeah, God is totally into decorating and making His kids laugh and shake their head. The weird thing is, just as with the car, I’m like, I love it, but it’s just a chair. It’s perfect…but it’s just a chair. Just stuff. But the way I feel about how God provided it and that He did in fact, provide it, draws me in to Him all the more. Not for stuff. Not a bit. Just because He is who He is. Because He lavishes His love on us in individual personalized ways. Because He knew I wanted a special chair for our room -so badly- where I could sit and drink coffee and read and pray. And… here it is. I got my spot. Maybe I can really dig into that new Beth Moore book now.

Now there is one little problem. Apparently late night purchases are going to have to be off limits for me for a while.

I bought the chandelier with the very cool looking historic Edison replica bulbs.

But as I was looking back at it last night, I realized the bulbs were not actually included with the chandelier.


I guess I figured they were given the price and uniqueness of it all. So, historic replicas of Edison’s 1890 bulbs are totally available (and last longer than a standard 40 watt bulb apparently) which is great but it didn’t provide a whole lot of comfort to Brian when I told him the news.

“Those are expensive, aren’t they?” he asked me.
Yeahhhh. $15 each.”
“Maaaaan… Mmmph. Kay.”
Do you remember how many…” I didn’t think he did.
He just stared at me. “A lot?”
MmmHmm. Eight-TEEN actually.

Tonight when B got home from work, he gave me a big hug in the kitchen. I looked up at him and we talked a second and then he made this weird face like he was in pain. “What’s wrong?” I asked him… “Ugh. I just remembered about those light bulbs.”

Yiiiiiikes. We may have to rethink the light fixture.


~ by hthr on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “Master Bedroom: first purchases & a big [big] uh-oh.”

  1. Oh no and Hooray! Love the settee and the chair! I’ve got a hideous settee that I’ve been trying to find the perfect upholstery material for for years. So frustrating!

    I can’t wait to see more of your finds!

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