Bedroom Ideas & Progress. Kind of.


There’s another thing that’s kind of kooky about me that I’ve never shared with anyone but Brian.

Too much shopping… even too much thinking about shopping…. is completely, physically nauseating to me.

So I previously showed you a couple pics of our bedroom the day we bought the house. Since then we have new carpet and that’s about it. Here is our bedroom this morning.

The mirrors are standing vertically behind our bed, but we intend to hang them horizontally across the back wall as a headboard. They span the width of the bed, so we think it’ll be really cool.

This is a pic of a lamp very similar to one I bought. I am too lazy and nauseated at the moment to get up out of the chair and take a picture of it. Bleh. I don’t much care if we use it in the bedroom or in another room. I just knew I wanted it in my house. What can I say? When ya know, ya know.

That’s how I felt about marrying Brian and that’s how I felt about discovering this bedding & overhead light (a bit less, but still):

Or at least, I thought I knew. Just as I was about to pull the trigger and click “Checkout” on some rockin silk drapery panels last night, Brian informed me that he really did love the look & feel of the bedroom we had on our beach vacation last October. And I did too. But it’s a whooooole other kind of style. Light & airy, with white and linen bedding…

We have our work cut out for us to figure out what compromise looks like on this!

So we are sleeping on it, figuratively speaking. You’d think after all these years, we’d know what we like.

We don’t.

I mean, we do, we just like a lot of different things. We don’t have a style. Our style has been “get out of debt” for quite a few years. This is the new (again) scary (but exciting) part of … starting over. It’s good, but cautiously so.

Ay yi yi. For real, I think I might throw up.


~ by hthr on March 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Bedroom Ideas & Progress. Kind of.”

  1. I too love sooo many different styles, colors, and all that jazz. But just remember that it’s just stuff and everything can easily be changed if you want something different in a few years – esp. easy stuff like paint and linens! Of course you know that, so I’m probably just typing this more for my own sake than yours. 🙂 Happy decorating!

  2. @peachy linens, yes.
    paint? (watch me shake my head NOoooo!)

    I’m hung up on the seating part actually. Found a settee last week, decided not to be too impulsive, so I waited overnight and when I went back the next day? Sold & gone. Now I have that specific thing stuck in my head. oh well!

    And you’re right…”just stuff” but we just want to feel settled. I don’t enjoy thinking about changing stuff. Too many other things to invest time & energy into! xo

  3. Wow! Our room looks so plain in pictures. I think even more so than normal. I figure since you’re so transparent on your blog, I might as well be to. 😉

    When I first saw the picture of the bedding, I wasn’t a big fan. But in my defense, all I saw was the comforter… or is it a duvet? Regardless the one that’s on top with the navy blue squares. But looking at the whole picture with the tripod light, the crazy cool overhead light, and the rest of the bedding. I think it looks really good! You’re doing such an amazing job pulling this all together!!

  4. Wait. BDUBS reads my BLOG? So much for a surprise. 😉
    I love that you care about decorating.
    xo to you too.

    PS, it’s a duvet. That thing you said you wanted. And the tripod light…the other thing you said you wanted. See? I have great listening skillz!

  5. luv the lamp! style & ideas come together as you find things in you budget…you got some great things coming together! we can’t wait to see the next phase and the finished product! enjoy the decorating & style picking process.

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