Progress, one little branch at a time

After 6 hours of taking down Christmas trees, I’ve concluded that surely, even Jesus would have taken down His own birthday decorations by now.

Granted, I was ready to take them down by January 15 but I did not physically want to go to the trouble or the mess of it all. huh. That idea applies on so many levels.

It is but a small personal miracle that after a week sick on the couch and in bed and at TJMaxx perhaps that I would be willing to stir up even more dust and glitter to get the job done. I bet I blow sparkly snot out of my nose tomorrow. Bleh.

The girls were sad when they discovered that I took down the trees. One more remains. Brian’s favorite; the kids tree.

I’m thinking that next year, instead of 4 large trees, we will purchase one huge prelit one and put it on a rotating stand. It would be the biggest mishmash of glitter and color and Christmas paraphernalia I ever laid eyes on. And it would all be in one spot. That makes me smile. I’ve decided that I don’t care so much how the ornaments are hung. Just that we all get to do it together. And take it down together. Because I’ve done nearly all of these 4 trees myself both ways and I don’t care much for any of it right now, or the fact that 4 rooms of my house are torn apart and in need of a deep cleaning.

But beyond that, I realized that the bulk of my control freakishness has dissolved. I don’t care if the ornaments are spaced right or the colors are balanced overall. (Brian might stand up & cheer right about now). I want the memories made to be with B and the kids, however imperfect and out of balance everything else may or may not be.

I love what I’m realizing. And although it might be a few months or a few years too late in some ways, it is never actually too late for the times yet to come. And that was the blessing of my day.


~ by hthr on March 4, 2010.

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