WFMW: The best secret I ever told

Y’all are truly my people. My buds. My mostly non-commenting lurking readers. But I still see you there and will put all that aside to share with you my very biggest and best “beauty” secret. You can love it or hate it, just don’t make fun of me until I’m done reading my new Beth Moore book. I get asked about what skin care regime I have from time to time, so here goes. This might make your day.

I have been going to the Spa for waxing since I was 16. As soon as I could drive, I got myself right over there to get some fuzz waxed off my self-conscious little teenage face. I loved that for a while, minus the sound it made, but thought the permanent removal route sounded better.

Well, that got expensive pretty quick.

So I resorted back to wax and did it myself at home with a kit from Sally Beauty Supply. And I lost a bit of skin and spent hours getting wax off everything it and I came in contact with. What a disaster.

Then, one day I was surfing around the “Budget Living” section of My Total Money Makeover and came across a lady who posted that she had cut her spa spending by using something she found in the men’s shaving aisle. A product called “Magic Shave” made for black men to reduce shaving bumps. Well, I’d never seen that before, but the word “Magic” was appealing. And the less than $2 price tag was too, so I ran out and got me a magic can myself!

Now, she didn’t SAY to use it on her face, but I thought, why NOT use it on my face? So I did. You know, just in one little spot. And I did this once a month or so and noticed how smooth and soft my skin was for a while afterwards.

After using it for about a year, it occurred to me one morning that I should use it on my ENTIRE FACE. Uhh, you know, just for kicks, to see … what happened … to my face. That is what happens when you have too much time to yourself.

Well, it’s like my most favorite thing because not only do I feel, in the long cold dead of winter the wonderful physical stinging love of a sunburn for an hour or so, but my pores are completely cleaned out.

Granted, this is not what this product was intended for.

I take that back. It kind of is.

I just like being soft faced and feeling like I had a facial. And it all takes less than 10 minutes and costs less than 10 cents.


Yes. LESS than 10 cents. Live like no one else, baby. Oh, and afterwards, I rub Vaseline on my face. But I do that everyday regardless. I use it as moisturizer. I’m sure skin care people are running around ripping their hair out and clawing at their eyeballs this very moment. So sorry.

Please, please… if you run out and get this stuff and use it like I do … please be careful. I am the polar opposite of my fair haired and fine skinned friends. I am not responsible for … anything.  hugs.

PS., If I ever told you a BETTER secret than that, please don’t tell me in the comments!


~ by hthr on March 3, 2010.

11 Responses to “WFMW: The best secret I ever told”

  1. I used to use that product on my legs… it was a dream! But then my Walmart stopped carrying it. ARGH! I’ve since found it again (at another store) but never went back to using it. As a mask? Seriously? Oh my, I have to try this now. lol! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’m game. Finding it around here might be tough.

  3. Pink, try a drugstore like Rite Aid or Walgreens.

  4. I’m not sure I understand????? Does it remove the hair? and how did you get it as a paste? My mom uses vaseline.

  5. @Michelle, yes, it does! It is a powder that you add water to. So easy!

    I have found it all over the place now that I have my eye out for it…Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens…if you google it, you will find it in online stores as well!

  6. I found this at my local Dollar General today… now I just need to figure out how to get the lid off!!

  7. how often do you use it?

  8. @Rita, I do it every 10-14 days!

    I was *super* excited last week to find the same product now made in a pre-mixed creme form that you can just apply right out of the bottle! I was a little nervous to try it for some reason, but it was awe-some. Even better than the powder mix!

  9. I’m late to this party because I just bought a can of the powder the other day. I made it into a paste with water, as it instructs. I tried it on my leg. It didn’t do anything. I feel confused? I left it on for 5 minutes. Was that not long enough? Was I supposed to shave over it? Because that seems to ruin the point of it. Should I have rinsed it off with a wash cloth or other lightly abrasive material? I want to love this stuff. But obviously, I need guidance.

    • Ok Allyssa, and I am late to this party too because I haven’t replied to you yet! I’m sorry friend. 5 minutes is not long enough for my face, so I would assume the same is true for your leg. Don’t put a razor over it…grab a coarse washcloth or a waxing stick/tongue depressor and scrape it against the direction the hair grows, or sideways. I want you to love this stuff too! They also now make it premixed in a creme and you literally squirt it out like lotion and slather it on and it is a done deal. Doesn’t have as strong a smell either, which is nice!

  10. […] may have the nail stuff but I realized real fast he was selling skin care. I had just done my very effective facial the day before, purging my entire face of every possible unwelcome impurity or otherwise, so I was […]

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