In other news… “the bedroom”

So we’ve done alright settling into our house over the past 7 months. Now we are ready to start to decorate a little after seeing how the light comes in the windows and thinking through lots of different possibilities, and, you know, just living in it.

Our 11th wedding anniversary is next month and shortly after, Brian is headed out of town for about 2 and a 1/2 weeks with a couple days home inbetween. His priority, decorating wise this year? I was shocked… it’s our bedroom. It has always been the room lowest on the priority list and where we throw stuff and shut the door. I’m fairly certain there are permanent ruts in the carpet from where the ironing board is and how long its been there.

I was joking around the other night that he should just give me a budget and let me decorate while he’s gone. And he totally agreed to it without skipping a beat! We’ve been saving a while, so I guess the time has come! WooHoo!

Here’s the deal… we have a king size bed and headboard, an awesome vintage wall lamp that my mom had before I was a glimmer in her eye that I would love to use, and 2 nightstands & lamps that can stay or go.

Other than that, the room is basically, well… basic. Builder beige paint and a couple pieces of furniture. A vaulted ceiling just crying out for that old fan to go and and something sparkly (or not) to take it’s place. And lots of amazing light through the big windows overlooking our backyard, begging for some kind of somethin.

So… tell me where to start! Where are your favorite places to shop for… bedding, drapes, a bench or chair (or 2!)

Where are your favorite places to scout ideas? I need those pronto! We know what we like, we just need a little inspiration and a starting point.

Some absolute NO WAY’s for us? Anything floral or toile printed. It’s awesome in your room, but B has said “nuh-uh” from the git go.

Oh my… I have not had such a fun project on my hands in quite a while! I’m so excited! Okay… so, FAV PLACES to SHOP in Nashville and GET IDEAS, anywhere… My fav is but I’ve pretty well exhausted it.

Comment now pretty please. Go!


~ by hthr on February 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “In other news… “the bedroom””

  1. OK, for modern or eclectic, I love to scour the pages the “FLOR” catalogue for ideas (mix of modern and antique) and also IKEA. Trendy, yes, but the only place I can find inexpensive Euro. I love Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for rugs. CB2 is fun if you like ultra modern. If you don’t mind a bit of a drive, downtown Franklin there’s a wonderful high end discount store called “PD’s” on Margin St where you can find real treasures, Anthropology in West Nashville and when all else fails, Spring Hill has an awesome Super Target.

    Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this for a while?

  2. Okay…… slightly unusual place for inspiration, but I love to look at all the MLS listings and just flip through the pics of houses for sale. Most people try to have it at its best for real estate pictures and the ideas I get are a little more practical because they are actually in use and lived in. I don’t usually see a whole room that I “have to have”, but I do get lots of little ideas and inspiration such as furniture style, room layout, wall colors etc. Am I a dork or what? 🙂

  3. So perfect Kristi! You are the furthest thing from a dork.

    I don’t think I can swing doing this while he’s away…I can’t store things somewhere else and pull off a surprise for him. But, I think I did find a chair today…and I bought a lamp. So I’m really excited. Viva la Craigslist! 🙂

  4. I have a mind to do some thrifting and antiquing/flea marketing here soon, so if you’re interested in tag-teaming, I’d love that. Also, yes, being full-time does now mean we can have coffee dates during the day sans-children (though you know I just LOVE your girls, so that’s never an issue…)

  5. @Kristine, you know I would love that. I have been itching to get up to the Nashville flea market. let’s go sometime in March!

  6. I just have magazine suggestions. Dwell is amazing, and a great magazine called Readymade helps you to come up with good ideas and make them yourself. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be amazing!

  7. @Laurel, I’m not sure I’ve seen Dwell before?! Obviously I am overdue to hang out at the magazine stand! Domino was always awesome, but it is one of the handfuls of great mags that got canned last year. *sniff sniff*

  8. […] We wandered in and out of many little shoppes keeping our eye out for inspiration for our bedroom makeover project, ended up at Pucketts for lunch, our fav new spot Sweet CeCe’s for fro-yo and Starbucks for […]

  9. Heather, what is your style? I am not from your area so I can’t recommend any of my favorite shops here. 😉 There are lots of neat blogs out there that give you ideas, I have just a few of my favorites on my blog, you can link to them from there or check out my couins blog and link to a million more None of this may be your style, but there are always ideas to be had everywhere. Can’t wait to see what you gather and make your new redo! Enjoy the process, thats half the fun.

  10. P.S. Heather, if you want to send me your email address I will email you some links of websites you probably would find interesting and inspiring.

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