Some days…

Some days my kids make me pull my hair out.

Other days, they take my breath away.

I have been cleaning the past couple hours and when I went in the front den, the unofficial landing pad to where the backpacks and winter coats are launched, and made my way over to the girls desks to set their things, and I noticed a good quarter page or so typed and left in Taylor’s typewriter.

Curious, I bent down to read it:

I was speechless. My mouth hung open as read and reread the page. I know something is bothering her. She cries silently with big tears down her face and won’t say what is wrong. She really is just like her mama.

I knew she had made a  box for letters to Jesus and I thought it was probably up in her room. I ran up there, skipping steps as I went and found it on her bookshelf. I held it a moment and opened it to find it empty. A moment of disappointment entered but then as I shifted the box, I noticed another letter, typed and taped into the lid…

Really Lord? You’ve entrusted US with HER?


~ by hthr on February 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Some days…”

  1. LOVE IT! And, YES He entrusted you with her. There was no other choice. 🙂

  2. Wow! This made me cry! How precious and what a treasure she is!

  3. I love it.
    love to see her heart.
    even love that she loves her typewriter. 🙂
    love the way you tell stories too.

    it was great to catch up on your blog…didn’t realize you had been so busy writing this year! xo see you tonight…can’t wait.

  4. Wow. Thank God she turns to Him in the storm. I wish more kids would do the same.

    And really? You have a typewriter? I didn’t think those things were around anymore!

  5. That took my breath away too… you all are doing something very right!!!

  6. That is awesome. I am always amazed when my kids can put into words our faith. That is when it is affirmed that they get what we are teaching them. You and Brian are doing a great job as parents, even when you wish to pull out your hair.

  7. […] Apparently she wasn’t done after practicing her alphabet. After my last post, she added to it, and I found this ripped off on her desk while cleaning yesterday […]

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