New Stuff!

The Lord has a great sense of humor. Really. If you knew me 7 years ago you might find this absolutely hilarious. Or maybe like myself, you’d be humbled at how He works. This is one of those moments where a bunch of pixels have now formed a bit of an image. I’m not sure what it even is yet, but it’s finding some sort of form and beauty…

A few months back a friend stopped me in my tracks and asked me some questions about budgeting. I invited her over and we worked through some things together. I was happy to help, and hoped it helped. [nudge]

I was out shopping on Main Street in a gift shop when a sales lady approached me and offered to help. I told her I was on a budget and her head kind of cocked to the right. When she came to, she realized I meant it, and as we shopped together, she started asking me questions. One was, “What’s your story?” Funny. I gave her a less than 60 second blurb (not even the usual. I  felt prompted to share something specific) and she locked eyes with me, reached out to grab my hand and told me, “When you said you knew you were going to have to start over, that confirmed something the Lord has been stirring in my heart for some time. Thank you for sharing that with me.” “Oh… you’re welcome.” I told her. “No, really. Thank you” she said. I went in the shop a couple months later, and she threw her arms around my neck in the sweetest way. Wow. That doesn’t happen every day! [nudge]

It never fails that I can be out somewhere and someone asks, “So what does your husband do?” I thought no one was allowed to ask that in this town? Sometimes I say, “He’s a creative director.” and they nod their heads, but occasionally I drop the DR, “He does video production for Dave….” and it never fails, someone will offer up where they are in their baby steps, or suggest that they tried doing envelopes once but….

I love it! Everyone has to deal with money.

I met someone last year who I thought had the whole entire package wrapped up with an amazing poofy perfect bow. That was my first impression anyway. But everything isn’t what it seems, and she’s about to lose it all. As in, all. And I don’t know what to do. Or say. I don’t even know what to think half the time. So I cry with her on the phone so she isn’t alone, and I pray. And in the moments following my conversations with her, I recognize that although this is an extreme situation, I need to know how to have a productive talk with her. I need some insight into where she’s coming from.

I need to go to Counselor Training.

It has taken me months to even work up the courage to ask for an application. Once I got it? It took me another 2 months to fill it out. Fear & insecurity are not from our Heavenly Father.

When the Lord leads your heart toward something, He doesn’t just abandon you there. He doesn’t drop you off & wish you all the best! I truly desire to know how to help people. How to hear what they’re really saying and talk them through some options. How to answer their questions more confidently.

There has never been a question in my mind that my husband was called to his job here. Lampo exists to help people. It drives them, and so, it kind of overflows I guess because it’s my vision too. To see people do better with money. It makes me proud for them. It’s so motiviating when somebody gets it and gets focused! So, in the same way, I feel a responsibility as B’s wife to be able to intelligently help someone with questions about money. And I have to be prepared, because I meet them everywhere.

Well, anyway, I love the Lord’s perfect timing. Yesterday in church, our Pastor put it out that we are responsible to share what we’ve been shown.

okay, first … um … WHOA. We are responsible to share what we’ve been shown. It was Jesus’ custom, and so it should be ours as well. We have to be willing. We have to have the faith to GO and TRY. Wobbly knee’d and all…

So, those words yesterday fell on a thirsty anxious heart. My nerves have now been soothed, and although my stomach has some fluttery feelings … tomorrow I will move forward on what I know the Lord set on my heart to do many months ago. And what only His perfect timing could have held for me to hear yesterday. This week, I’ll go through Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training.

Who’da thought, huh? God knew all along. And He put people in my life who shared this kind of help with Brian and I, so I am most blessed to be able, prayerfully, to pay it forward. And I think that’s what we’re supposed to do. Ask the Lord to lead, and then obey.

I’m excited. Light the way!

~ by hthr on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “New Stuff!”

  1. Heather, I know you will do an excellent job for God! You have a heart of gold and will share it generously with others and encourage them as someone who has been there and help to bring peace to their lives. Enjoy the Counselor Training!

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