Apparently, they’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth at Victoria’s Secret

Last night I had a heartbreaking, and yet, heartwarming conversation with my oldest daughter Taylor.

She came and sat on the arm of the chair next to me and was quiet for a minute. I looked at her, at which point she said to me, “Mommy, why does my belly stick out so far? … I’m embarrassed …”

I felt so sad for her. I notice it when I see her standing and it’s very unnatural and sometimes almost distended looking. Thing is, she says she is not hurting at all. We talked a while about her feelings and decided that even though she is not “allergic” to milk in the same way other children are, that she could stop drinking it and see if it helps the situation since her daddy & I both avoid it for good reason.

I was mostly just sad because she is so aware of it and that other people would notice it as well… But also? She can actually grasp the concept of dieting. So we talked about the difference between that & healthy eating and decided to eat better together.

First though? She wondered if on this “Snow Day” she could have a last treat of ice cream for a while. But of course.

I give you: ice cream snow men, with fudge for hats, arms, eyes & smiles & red hots for buttons. Oh, and coconut for ground cover on the plate!

So this afternoon, I open my mailbox and pull out the newest Victoria’s Secret catalogue. The swim edition.


VS is pretty much my fav catalogue. Despite the fact that they can’t engineer a bra to fit me properly, a lot of my clothes are from there. I’m not mad at them about it anymore. Not as much anyway. I know God just made me special.

The cover of this one made me mad though. What made me clench my jaw as I walked from the mailbox to my door was not that the model on the front had a skimpy bathing suit on. It’s a swim suit. She’s better covered than some I’ve seen at my neighborhood pool. I don’t have a problem with the suit.

It was that she has the face of a 12 year old.

And I? Have an 8 year old who is worried about her fat belly.

So while I’ve never worried about having these catalogs laying around before (for the purity of my husbands thoughts), today, I do for the safety and esteem of my daughter’s.

I threw the catalog at Brian tonight without a word about this topic beforehand and asked, “What do you see wrong with this cover?

Honest to God. He answered, “You mean because she’s only 11?”

I don’t know how to process this with regard to my daughters. I can toss the catalog and thats fine. I can even assume this model is a young looking 20 year old.

But the fact remains, she really looks like a child to me. A child with breasts who looks like she’s taken a roll in the sand over there on the shore. And I find it over-sexualized for appearing to be, what may or may not actually be, a kid.

I’m so irritated I don’t even know how to end this post other than, “Good Night” ::sigh::


~ by hthr on January 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Apparently, they’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth at Victoria’s Secret”

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s crazy gross. I’ve noticed this trend in other advertisements and it makes me gag. I’ve got two little girls who, like yours, have called themselves fat or chubby and it makes my blood boil…. What are these people thinking?!!!!

  2. I refuse to purchase anything from VS because, not only does their flimsy crap not hold in the real boobs of a 40 year old, even if it did support me I wouldn’t support them for several reasons. 1. they can’t seem to figure out how to pose their models at the CS Mall without someone being in the “doggy” position, to which I am constantly answering the question “Why is that one crawling?” 2. The commercials they run during every hour of the day on TV are soft porn. There is no denying this, the women are touching themselves erotically, albeit on the tummy or thighs, while wearing nothing but undies. 3. all the reasons you’re angry. 4. I think it’s a thumb in the face of Spiritual beings when they dress a young girl who is mostly likely starving herself to look unnatural in a set of “angel” wings as if she is somehow a depiction of something “heavenly”.

    I’m probably more angry than you are about all this. I feel like one major reason why girls and women today strive for an unrealistic body is because of the images that are constantly put before us. I don’t worry that my husband is dissatisfied. I don’t think that’s it. I worry that grown women are struggling with body image, inserting artificial parts into their bodies and exercise binging and not eating healthy because they are trying to look like these images they see. It’s lead us to believe this is attainable, but I don’t believe it is attainable in a realistic lifestyle. I think maybe I should write my own post about this! 🙂

  3. @Ondrea, I’m with ya friend on all that you added. Thank you! I will say though, I read your comment just before we left for the mall this afternoon (the first point of which made me laugh out loud, put my hand over my mouth and go, “oh no she d’int”) and I am happy to report the VS mannequins are standing upright today so you shouldn’t have to answer any questions from the kiddos as you pass by! 🙂

  4. OMG. I’m so disturbed by that VS photo! It’s legal child porn!

  5. Yeah, I got the same thing the other day, but sadly didn’t notice how young she is. I’m just desensitized to it, like the rest of America. I’m sad that Taylor is already thinking about that stuff. My seven year old niece keeps asking my sister if she’s fat. How horrible for our beautiful perfect daughters to feel insecure at such a young age. Can I come over and hug Taylor right now?

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