2009 Year in Review

Today is the first “snow day” of 2010. The girls are playing Polly Pockets / Littlest Pet Shop / My Little Pony / House in the front den. “Do you wanna have a boyfriend?” one asked. “No.”

Good girl.

I’m sitting here in B’s chair watching the snow fall. At least I don’t have to squint to see it anymore. The flakes are getting bigger and I will be really pleased if I can just NOT actually see the grass by the end of the day. That’s kind of a tall order considering it will be dark in about 3 hours. But here’s hoping.

I’m bothered by the fact that I have things to write about that I haven’t yet and so I’ve started pre-dating some posts and quietly tucking them back into the blog. It has to have 09 on it if it was in 09! My feed reader never picked it up, so it’s flying under the radar, but I must say it just feels so.darn.good to have it off my mind and documented somewhere. I know at least one of you understands what I’m sayin’!

We had some friends over for dinner last week and something came up about the color pink at which point I remembered that my first goal (I use that term loosely for what it actually was) for 2009 was to add more pink to my year.

I would like to check that off as a raging success. I even took it a step further and bled into some bright purples. You should see my metallic violet painted fingernails right now. And? I don’t think I was mistaken for a boy once this year. Not while I was within earshot anyway. And that felt nice. Really. You have no idea how nice that was. A big shout out to all the 3 year olds of the area for not mashing up my self esteem.

As I was later reading back over my suggestions for 09 I smiled. A lot.

Isn’t it funny how you can start something and have no earthly idea how it will end up. And you know this when you start out. It’s just this wild open space though and you’re like, Ok Lord. You do this!

And that’s how I am sitting here in this chair. Still in my pjs and wearing my husbands robe. Watching the snow fall. Listening to my girls play in the other room, and the past few days, I’ve really been overtaken with asking the Lord to show me His will for me & our family. I love being in a place personally where what I want isn’t my first desire. I just want what HE wants. And whatever it is, I’m all for it.

That’s a pretty great summary of 2009 for me. Even though there are nearly 7 billion people on our planet, the Lord continues to show Himself to me in the most personal ways. While I find myself both surprised and delighted, I also find myself drawn in to the heart of Him even more.

While that was the theme of the year in my heart, here’s what was happening on & off the blog.

The year started with B asleep next to me at 10pm on New Years Eve. I was hopeful in planning our first ever family vacation and a getaway trip for our 10th Anniversary. I solidified such lofty “goals” as wearing more pink for the year and I’d like to think I did alright on what was listed except that of getting a job (because I didn’t know we’d be BUYING A HOUSE and getting settled was JOB ENOUGH for me!). Here’s something that made me laugh out loud. Also, I met Katie Davis, and began thinking of sacrifice and love and children and life in a whole new way. And I haven’t stopped.

My focus that month was laser sharp on my kids and my role as a housewife. I was met with quite a few awkward moments but a particular discovery at the grocery made them all disappear. I started blogging about my friends on their birthdays (something that came to an abrupt halt when my laptop crashed in May). One of my most compassionate moments as a mom occurred when I found out Taylor was picked on on the school bus.

Brian & I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary! Even without going back and reading it, I can tell you that day was by far my most favorite day of our 10 years together. And forget chocolate. I have since begun having actual Porsche convertible cravings. The welcome committee was waiting for just the right moment to bring me back to reality though. We started doing Sunday Dinner again (until we dismantled the house to move. Moving really messes you up!) Town Hall for Hope was announced, and happened 7 weeks later. Great stuff.

Avery turned 6. We celebrated twice actually. I attempted a baking crafting feat with the girls and not only had a blast but got some of my favorite pictures of the year doing it. I had a vision that brought me great comfort. Both then and right now as I’ve re-read it.

My husband and some of his buddies left on their first mission trip to the Hands & Feet Project in Haiti. We got a chair. But not just any ole chair. I began a 5 minutes/room/day routine of cleaning house. Of course, it only lasted a month before we started packing to move. But I didn’t know that then. And it worked beautifully while it lasted. My laptop crashed and my blog went quiet. But I can catch you up real quicklike.

We started packing to move to our new house, I turned 30, and we committed to continuing a legacy in our family (part 1/part 2). Whoa. Okay, that’s enough for one month.

Training wheels came off for both girls within a day of each other, Taylor’s teeth started falling out like crazy, and uh, well, we bought a house. I pretty much fell off the face of the WWW at that point.

Summer fun and house adventure continues. Sweeeet sweetness! The first day at their new school! And with the return to some quiet in the house, I could form complete thoughts as to how my daddy issues fell apart. Josiah went to heaven, and like many people, I will never be the same.

This month consisted of … more work on the house. Fun stuff though like paint & wallpaper. Also? A lifelong(ish) wish came true when we went to a U2 concert. In Chicago. With 10 other friends. Rock. On. Also? Prepping for Halloween with my friend T, we straightened my hair for the first time.

We went on our first family vacation, my kids vandalized our refrigerator (the handle is now also broken off, although I dont think they did it. Maybe.) and I became officially sick & tired of facebook.

I painted a bedroom chocolate brown and celebrated Taylor’s 8th birthday. Also? Avery asked Jesus into her heart. The highlight of my year without doubt.

The month that fell away. I actually thought I could blog my way through it, and I only managed to do so once. December was hard on many levels. And wonderfully surprising too. I think I’ll go for it and do a lump sum post about it.

Off the blog? Friendships have grown deeper and more meaningful. And beyond the barrista at Starbucks, the Lord has brought new people into our lives this year that I just, well, I am just so thankful for and in awe of how the Lord provides. New neighbors. People we serve with at church. Families at the kids’ new school. Our Cheers Group. Wow! We had made so many new friends this year.

2009 was nothing of what I expected it to be. I certainly didn’t expect to buy a house. And when I did, I never dreamed I would have thought that having a toothbrush and some food would be enough for me. To feel like not only did I not need more. But I didn’t want it either. All I wanted was more of Jesus.

I didn’t expect to fall so in love with the little people my kids are becoming. Wow, they are so different! Or that I could be so grateful for a school and its faculty & staff. I don’t really have words for that one at the moment.

I never imagined we would be at the receiving end of someone so thoughtful to have brought us dinner, not for having a baby or moving into a new house, but simply for being in the midst of a really trying time where dinner was the furthest thing from my mind.

2009. It was the year I settled in. To finding home. To, what I foresee as my children’s education for many years to come. To friendships that delve beneath the surface.

It’s as if the last decade was filled with us squirreling around to figure out what life would be and where and how. And now I’ve found some rest. Here’s to finding home.


~ by hthr on January 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “2009 Year in Review”

  1. Beautiful post. Wish I had/would take time to do this. Oh yeah, I’d probably have to have blogged more than like 5 times this year! Thanks for the shout out, but I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SAYIN! Now I am gonna have to go find what you’re talking about!

  2. Heather, you do not know me, but I absolutely love the way you write! I was at EntreLeadership 2009 in Cancun and met your husband and ny others of Dave Ramsey’s great team (I have not yet finished blogging about this trip). You posted a comment on Daniel Tardy’s blog and when I clicked on your name, I found your blog. It’s one I will now follow because I admire you! You are not afraid to share your thoughts and expressions, blog about just everyday life and your desire to know God more…this is such an inspiration to me! THANK YOU…you are encouraging me to keep up with memories of everyday life on my blog and grow in grace & knowledge of our Lord & Savior. Wishing you a great 2010!

  3. You’ve got a crazy good memory!

    Hey, I found this blog through a friend’s blog and thought you might enjoy a peek. It seems like something you’d love.


    ps. We love Dave Ramsey too.

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