Train up a child to properly prep a tree…

I’ve arrived.

I finally have a partner in tree fluffing and light strand guidance! And she? Is really good. And too stinkin cute about it too.

She asked me, “are you on the reds right now?” at which point I realized as we fluffed the branches that she was working a system around and up the tree while I was eyeballing it.

It must be something about being 8. Or in second grade. Or being the firstborn perhaps. Because this year Avery is still enamored with the cardboard box.

Taylor was guiding the strand of lights as I put them on the tree, when I said, “So. I was wondering if you had thought about what daddy might like for Christmas.”

She sat there silent for about a minute. “Well.” she said very matter of fact, “everyone seems to enjoy receiving new underwear.”

Oh my word! I nearly lost it. Had to stop and kiss her on the head and hug her tight. I can’t remember that they’ve ever received underwear for Christmas, but apparently she’d be okay with it!

The sweet time we shared together was motivation enough for me to get the other trees up and decorated. Can’t beat that for anything!

~ by hthr on December 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Train up a child to properly prep a tree…”

  1. Yay! Glad you finally found that Christmas motivation!

  2. Would you believe Christopher still gets underwear for Christmas? From HIS MOTHER! I ain’t lyin!

  3. Oh honey, we are sisters separated at birth!!! Your tree is beautiful and your girls are too.

  4. wow! she’s thorough! your girls are adorable!

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