back on the block

My brain never slows down. I have written many posts in my head and sat down to the laptop only to stare at a screen with a text box and no brain-to-finger action follows suit. Just, nothin. Or somethin … but, somethin incomplete.

I’m frustrated. Some moments days times I think I’ll just bag this whole blogging thing and then I come across old posts that make me smile and reminisce and then I remember again why it is that I do this anyway. This mostly unfiltered baring of my heart, my soul, and my family, oftentimes off the cuff and without sufficient proofreading. Especially for Brian’s sake.

Here’s the deal. Blogging is free therapy. Wait til you read about our Thanksgiving. Someday my kids will shake their heads at how antiquated blogging is and I will roll my eyes and tell them how back in the day, Facebook was a social revolution and cars started with actual metal keys.

Speaking of antiquated? Taylor wants a typewriter for Christmas. Is she cool, or what? I have half a mind to get her one, but I bet it will cost even more than that crazy retired American Girl doll I’m bidding on for her on eBay.

Also happening at our house?

My kids want to know if there’s really a Santa Claus. Really. “You can tell us mom. We can take it.”

*ahem* Tempting, but no.

I’m considering the idea that I may have broken my butt. Tailbone specifically. It hurts to sit, stand, lay, roll over… you get the idea. I might actually be 70 years old. Thing is, I haven’t been to a Doctor in over 4 years and I’m totally fine with making it 5 if I can take it. Really. I don’t wanna go.

So don’t mind me if I stand up and move around the room. It’s just that I have a pain in my ass. Literally.

I’m not entirely in the Christmas spirit yet, although it is improving each day. It just came on entirely too fast this year. If it weren’t for the thirty-some degree weather this week, I’d be pretty sure someone was trying to punk me. Certainly it’s still September. I know my lack of enthusiasm for all things red, green and glitter is utterly shocking. Some may remember that in past years I have had my Thanksgiving Tree up in October and take my Christmas tree down March –ish. I’m just not there yet this year. The kitchen tree (now in the dining room) is done, and the girls & I did another tree together tonight for the front window. Maybe if my butt didn’t hurt so bad I’d be more into it. I need to get with it. My parents will be here in 2 weeks!

Taylor is 8. She had a sweet lil party but it deserves a post all its own so that the previously mentioned ailments don’t compete for attention in her scrapbook. Not cool Debbie Downer.

Those who have been so unfortunate to see me resembling the typical round clown wig lately (sans wig), can just know that I have cut it off!  Twice, actually. Ahhhhh. Good haircuts make all things at least a little better. I think I’m destined to be a short haired girl, as in between stages are not my friends. With this haircut and some anti-inflammatories I should be all set. A good nights sleep would also be stellar. B has suggested I start going to bed earlier rather than later. Of course, I’ll probably just lay there and write things in my head, get up to get the laptop and then just stare at a blank text box.

And then? Nothin.

Been there, done that.


~ by hthr on December 3, 2009.

One Response to “back on the block”

  1. Literal pain in the ass… so funny! Please don’t stop blogging… you’re a wonderful writer! And what would I do at work when I run out of actual work if not reading up on wonderful blogs like yours!?! I’m the same way though… I kinda dread writing about what’s happening (because anyone close enough to me knows what’s happening in my life) but I absolutely love going back and reading my old posts. I can only imagine how much more I’ll love reading them in 5 or 10 years!

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