Eight is great!

Taylor’s birthday this year fell on a Wednesday, which means a school day, and it happened to be a church night too.

Of course every kid thinks about their birthday all.year.long and Taylor was no exception, except that she hasn’t exactly learned yet that when mommy throws out “ideas”, that those “ideas” are not a done deal. They are merely suggestions. So when I asked her if she wanted to have a few friends over after school that day and then we could take them to church that night if they wanted she thought that would be just fine and proceeded to tell a kajillion girls that they were invited to her birthday party at her house after school and then we could bring them to church for CRAZY HAT NIGHT.

You know I drive a 13 year old Honda Accord, right? Apparently she thinks its a party bus.

I nearly fell over when the first mom approached me and wanted to know what in the heck I was planning. Lord have mercy. On my child and her big mouth and lack of discernment unfiltered level of pure birthday excitement.

Brian had been in Cancun for 10 days prior and communication with me had been extremely limited. He came home 3 days before her birthday, at which point I had a meltdown and said, “She wants to have a paaaaartyyyyy.”

This is a completely ridiculous conversation on my part being that I used to be in the BUSINESS of children’s parties. Ugh.

“Throw a little party in the backyard, Hthr. It’s not a big deal.” B told me. Oh, really?

She gave me a list of kids she wanted to invite. I asked her to please narrow it down. She gave me the revised list. I lost it. I asked her to remake it. I couldn’t decide on what invites to make. I couldn’t decide on what invites to buy. I went all over town. Nothing worked. I bought a pack at Target, filled one out, realized it was too late to mail them anyway and fired up evite.

Viva la evite. I never thought I’d say that. I’ve charged up to $6 per invite in years previous. Even so, viva la evite.

So while I’m planning a little party in the backyard for Taylor and attempting to think about a crazy hat for crazy hat night falling on her BirthDAY, she comes to me and says, “…aaaaand, what kind of snack would you like to bring for my whole class on my birthday?”

What I thought was, somebody shoot me now. What I said was, “Huh? Are you SERious? You’re serious.” I don’t sugar coat much.

She just looked at me. “Is it too much?” she asked.

I officially badged myself sticking the pin through my heart, with a dangly ribbon declaring myself the jerkiest mom of the year. “Noooo. No of course it’s not too much!” I told her. She just wanted some cookies for cryin out loud. Surely I could BAKE some COOKIES for my daughters BIRTHDAY.

Nothing is ever too much when you feel yourself going down in a guilt ridden ball of flames. I had to remind myself of that as planned and attempted something I had never (successfully) done before; Roll out cookie dough. Cut out cookies. Decorate them.

For real, at 2am, I was having some serious conversations with myself.

However, the cookies made it and she was pleased.

And that night, the crazy hat made it, and she won the contest. Check it out…here are like, 200 kids singing Happy Birthday to her while she wears that crazy ole hat her daddy made with her! Pretty awesome I think! I’m glad we caught it on video. Total fluke that we were even standing there! I love my church and their children’s program so much. Ice cream & cake, do the ice cream & cake… Ice cream & cake, do the ice cream & cake…

Putting her to bed that night, she decided she wanted to see her bedroom “makeover” and so we did the big reveal with her even though it wasn’t finished. She was so excited and I was too because her big gift from us was a beautiful vintage pink velvet chair and ottoman which was waiting in her room. Having had my camera in there when we did the reveal, I said goodnight to her and then caught her rubbing noses with her daddy as he began saying prayers over her. Even though it happens each night, it was such a precious moment to capture with the camera.

So, with Wednesday in the books, I was focused on Saturday’s backyard bash. I made a list of things to do and prayed for nice weather. The only thing I had to go on was that she wanted pink & white. I figured since I’d been all into the cookies, I’d have the girls decorate cupcakes at the party. I then decided, since it was the weekend before Thanksgiving that we’d make little pies and teach them to roll out dough and all that girly kitcheny helpful fun. So I chose 5 different fabrics from the same color family and made aprons for each of the girls. They were all the same with alternating fabrics. So fun! Although around 2:30am I woke Brian up and had him come downstairs and sleep at the table to keep me company while I finished them. He loved that. Really. Early Saturday morning I looked outside to find him hanging pink & white lanterns in the tree above the table. Such fun!

Soooo. That was the little backyard party that was. And it was sweet and wonderful and Taylor is just so blessed with the absolute sweetest friends. As am I.

Here are a few shots of the day. As always, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

One of my favorite pictures, though not at that moment, is this one. Avery, feeling all anti-picture-taking. Me, oblivious in the pic above, and realizing what she is doing right at that very moment as she hits the lanterns with her finger. Silent & stubborn. Mmph.Mmmph.Mmmmph. We’ve got our hands full.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you more than you could possibly know.


~ by hthr on November 20, 2009.

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