Dreams & such

I’ve never been much of a dreamer.

Never dreamt of having any particular career or of what my life would be like when I was old. Because once upon a time, 30 seemed old.

I never cared enough about travel to research places I wanted to go. There are places I want to go… New York, Australia…but I don’t sit & dream about it. Too much laundry to do.

I don’t dream of having a big house. Just a happy one. Positive. Full of laughter & music & friends. And food. Lots of food.

My friend Kristine sits and dreams with her husband Cliff. They dream together about their future together and then she eloquently blogs about it. As newlyweds who have experienced a lot more life than I ever did before marrying, I have found myself proud of her and yet, subtly envious. Why don’t I know how to dream? Was that a class in college that came after I dropped out?

And yet, I’ve discovered that I do have a dream. Some Most days it includes a laundry room with empty baskets and a kitchen sink that shines. But at the heart of it all, my dream is that my children would know Christ. And not just “pray a prayer” to “accept” Him, but pray a prayer to accept Him and over time and out of an overflowing heart, choose daily let His love and teachings and influence ooze out of their pores so much so that they are being emptied and asking Him to refill them and be used again.

Well friends, part of my dream has come true. My laundry room overfloweth out the door. My kitchen sink is coffee stained. And my Avery has asked Jesus to live in her heart.

Anything I could ever dream of, could never be as good as this day. To know that each of my daughters WANTS Jesus. CHOOSES Jesus. Feels the NEED deep down in her soul FOR JESUS. This is my one and only dream, come true.

In a humbling show of His hand, it is evidence of God’s grace on me and a moving reminder that while I may mess up this mothering thing daily, He is good. He is always good.

And they? Are His. They’ll always be His.


~ by hthr on November 5, 2009.

10 Responses to “Dreams & such”

  1. That is AWESOME!! Congratulations on your beautiful dream come true.

  2. This is amazing Heather! Awesome news! I cannot begin to wrap my heart around where yours is at right now. What a beautiful way you have shared for us to read and for Avery to see one day as well. God is indeed so good!

  3. Like your comment over at Pete Wilson’s place about forgiveness but keeping them at length. Glad I stopped by here!

    Take care,

  4. That’s simply awesome!! What a dream to see come true.

  5. Amazing to hear and so beautifully written.

  6. What a sweet dream come true!! Time to sing and celebrate!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I “visited” your home and then kept on reading.

    What a moment that must have been for you as a mom; we’re not there yet as our kiddos are pretty young, but I long for the day. May your daughter continue to walk out that choice, in every area of her life!

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  9. this is the most important decision that she could have ever made in her life, the next will be whom to marry… 😉 Avery, I welcome you as a sister my friend! May the Lord bless you!!!

  10. […] shared about asking Jesus into her heart and what she thinks worship is […]

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