Casper the accomplice

I tease Brian from time to time that our refrigerator was “a $10,000 fridge” because of the negotiations process on this house. He rolls his eyes at me and mutters “whatever” under his breath. I’m almost over it.

We all make errors in judgment, and this morning my children made a big bad one. One that left me thinking, how old are you? and how permanent is this damage?

See my friendly little ghost magnet? I made him in 1986 and my mom brought it out every fall for about 20 years and then a few years ago gave it to me for my own sentimental enjoyment. Of course, lil Casper was in perfect condition when she gave it to me and now he’s missing an arm and a chunk of his skirt. Today my children have turned him into an accomplice. Apparently he was used to create graffiti etchings on the front of our fridge. Yes, etchings. The front of our fridge is scribble scratched through the gloss. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. And my lil ghostly friend was hangin out amidst the aftermath with a smile on his face.


Trust me, it’s worse than it looks. Oh, the things a camera cannot capture. Standing there surveying the damage, I thought for sure I was gonna throw up but I kept reminding myself, It’s just stuff. It’s just stuff. That’s why I kept my mouth shut as the girls stood in front of the refrigerator looking at their not-so-invisible scribble art and weighing their words as B calmly questioned them.

They did not know how that got there. huh.

On second thought, my stomach is fine. It’s my head that’s going to explode.

Yes, mom. I’m reading the book. sigh…

~ by hthr on October 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Casper the accomplice”

  1. Hugs Heather! I think that would be one of those moments where I would be so angry I’d be pretty much speechless. Sorry about little Casper.

  2. Oooh, that took my breath away.

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