Puttin words in my mouth

So, just as soon as I say, yeah, drop in anytime! blah blah blah don’t you know that this morning, with Brian away to Atlanta, my children permanently on their regular wake schedule for the schoolweek, and I, still in bed with being flat worn out from our awesome weekend in Chicago last weekend … the girls decided to practice their gift of hospitality and invite in our neighbor ~ which is totally cool.

Except that I was still in bed.

And grouchily so because the way I woke up an hour before? My child running into my quiet dark bedroom yelling, “Taylor’s taaaaattl-iiiiiing!!!!!”

Dear lord, I prayed. Grant me strength and joy and ease me through this day that could potentially feel very very long. After which, I announced, “Don’t you be coming in my room, and waking me up by yelling at me! I’m not hearing this!”

So she went back to playing and I dozed back to sleep, but then my mom called and told me to get up and get my day started. Going back to sleep won out again in only a matter of moments. Then I heard voices downstairs. More than 2 of them. And I, laying in bed with a headache already kickin, noticed my bedroom door had been left open by a child fearful of being told on. My glasses were no where to be found, my robe still in the closet, and from the sounds of it, my children were offering up breakfast to their lil buddy. Who I think the world of and adore … I’d just like to at least have pants on when I hear additional voices in the house.

So, I quick put in my contacts, pull on some more clothes and head downstairs and my beautiful neighbor appears at the door with a box of donuts. I’m barely coherant and completely unaware of what time it even is. Completely fascinated that someone has been across town to Krispy Kreme already today? For a moment I worried it might be lunchtime. I was not yet forming complete thoughts much less sentences.

She offered to let me have my coffee and wake up a bit and catch me a little while. So much for being an impromptu hostess.

~ by hthr on September 19, 2009.

One Response to “Puttin words in my mouth”

  1. What a cool neighbor!

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