Our trip to the Windy City. Minus the windy.

Last month while working through some boxes of junk in the garage, I found a 3-ring binder from junior high. Scrawled across the front of it in experimental handwriting styles? U2 … Mysterious Ways … Achtung Baby … The Joshua Tree … and a host of other song titles from my favorite group. Since junior high I’ve said that if I could go to one concert … it would be U2. So when they announced tour dates earlier this year, we were beyond excited. But September felt like so….far….off!

Plans were made and money tucked away each month….finally mom and dad arrived here to visit and watch the girls, I started trying to figure out what to pack (why did it take me 2 days and Brian only 4 minutes? seriously.) and we were off! To Chicago! Along with 8 friends which only … hmm … octoplated? octupled? the fun! That’s not a word.

When we got to our room, I immediately climbed into the windowsill and sat and watched everything going on below. The architecture in Chicago is just beautiful. This was my first time there as an adult. I went quite often as a child, but found myself appreciating things differently than what I remembered from pictures and memories.


Thursday night, Bri and I were on our own for a lil date night in the city. Big city. My cousin Tammy goes to Frontera Grill everytime she goes to Chicago and says its the best Mexican she’s ever had. Pretty strong reccommendation for a transplanted Texan! It is owned by celebrity chef Rick Bayless who is married to my aunt’s cousin? I think I have that right? Imagine my surprise to discover the restaurant was in walking distance from our hotel! The wait was 2 hours though, and I? was hungry. We ended up next door at XOCO which had just opened 2 days prior! It was slammed. It was also very much worth the wait. After dinner we had a cup of hot chocolate which was hands down the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had. Ever. Period. Amen. They are one of the few places in the country that processes the cocoa bean on site. Good thing they are there and I am here!


We later hit up the John Hancock Building. You absolutely must go in the ladies room there. If you’re a lady of course. Can’t miss it. It has the most beautiful view of the city!


My friends and I? Shopped hard. I was pretty certain at the end of the day that I had never hurt so bad from the knees down. It doesn’t help of course that I haven’t worked out in 3 months. My muscles are mush. These stores are so massive it blew my mind. A 4 story Banana Republic! 3-story H&M (my first time!), 7-story Macy’s, 2 story Forever XXI – I promise you I nearly got lost in it it was so huge. I was not a super shopper though. Two words: sensory overload. But great times. I wish we could have gotten a picture of all of us coming back to the hotel with our shopping bags! Too funny! We were worn! out!


A couple more friends joined us that night and we just all had a blast hangin out together. This was the first time ever traveling with friends for B & me. First Second time away as a couple that was not work related. And it was all just wonderful. Great balance of time altogether and time as a couple. I’m sure I’ll never forget it.

Okay, the concert? u2 360. Chicago was the first stop of the North American leg of the tour. It was unreal. I’ve never been in a crowd that size. We had awesome seats. The video & lighting were completely fascinating. Brian was going crazy watching them work the cameras. He was invited to come watch them assemble the stage & AV when they come to Atlanta in a few weeks. He gets to do all the cool stuff! Why is that concert on a Tuesday night? I want to see it again but I have kids who have to go to school now! Agh!!! Adulthood.

As I was saying. Pretty amazing.



What? You expected more pictures? Well, if you’re my facebook friend, you can just hop on over there and find them. Unfortunately, you can’t bring a detachable lens camera into the concert. Or maybe you can, because I saw a lady with the same as me. But I was not willing to risk it, and once I realized the distance to get INTO Soldier Field, I was quite okay with that. It’s all locked up good & tight in my memory anyway.

Also locked up? The sweet hugs we came home to.

Here’s something I learned about myself. No matter how excited I am about something on the inside, I don’t express it very well on the outside. Although, I was so excited at the concert I nearly cried. I had to try really hard to hold it back.

Also? I love the south. I shall never leave it until Jesus calls me home.

~ by hthr on September 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Our trip to the Windy City. Minus the windy.”

  1. I love Chicago! Your pictures are great, by the way.

  2. I’m with you on the South. Hmmm, I don’t think I have any trouble at all showing uber amounts of excitement though? Would you ever say that I am unenthusiastic in any way? 🙂 hehehehe I’m very enthusiastic in my jealousy of you right now, as a matter of fact. Bono…. sigh!

    Thinking of possibly visiting your church next weekend… if so, I will introduce you to Mel. Did you find her blog, by the way?


  3. […] house. Fun stuff though like paint & wallpaper. Also? A lifelong(ish) wish came true when we went to a U2 concert. In Chicago. With 10 other friends. Rock. On. Also? Prepping for Halloween with my friend T, we […]

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