The art of shopping?

I said to a friend the other day, something along the lines of, “I’m just having fun looking at stuff….getting ideas...” to which she replied, “Yeah. That’s called shopping.”

I guess I haven’t shopped in a long time! I usually know what I need, get in, get out, & get on with it. But this builder beige paint on beige carpet on white cabinets on naked windows has got me looking for inspiration on where to start making house feel like home! Mind you, I’m in no hurry whatsoever, and having a room “finished”?? Well, I don’t know that a room is ever actually finished. But pulling a room together at least a little bit feels huge to me.

I talked to a couple decorators last week while I went strolling around Downtown Franklin. One said, “My advice is, ‘Stop buying!’ ” which was great news because I haven’t started.

Anyway… a couple online decorating sites that I have really found useful… one is where you can view galleries of pictures based on many different criteria and save them into a favorites file. It’s pretty much my favorite new website.

Also fun… where you click on a color family and it takes you to an external blog that offers up products in that specific color group. Southern Living is forever a favorite. I may have been born in the north, but I’m southern in my heart. Although, it may be more by my use of butter and cream cheese than that of fabric and artificial greenery.

I’d been eyeing these chairs in a catalog, but wouldn’t touch em for the price!

Picture 2

…so imagine my joy in finding these chairs on CL for, hmm … let’s see … what is the percentage of $3000 vs. $100 plus the cost of reupholstering? Enough to count it all joy and a gift from above! That’s what I say.


Now if only I could locate a patio dining set that seats 6 … that would be awesome. All in good time. All in good time.

Meanwhile… my mom has been teaching Brian & I about the fine art of wallpapering today! Picture forthcoming…. Now? Sleep. My arms are tired from all that papering!


~ by hthr on September 7, 2009.

One Response to “The art of shopping?”

  1. Hey girl, I can’t wait to see some photos.

    I wanted to tell you about my friend, Melanie, who is going to your church now. You have got to check out her blog and try to meet her when you see her on Sunday. She needs your prayers and you will love getting to know her. The blog is

    Post photos soon, I’m dying to see what you’re doing with your house. I’m so very happy for you!

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