it shouldn’t be this hard to choose a shade of pink.

The girls have been back to school for 2 weeks now. WOO HOO!! I am amazed at what they come home saying, singing and at their whole demeanor. More on that later.

The other day I had asked the girls to hang up the clothes in their bedrooms that needed to be dealt with. Tay got right on it. Avery is a whole other ball of wax. Taylor peeks in on Avery to check her progress, which was….none, and I caught a smidge of their conversation where Taylor says to her, “…no…you do it for Jesus. You do it for God.” and walked away.

Whoa. That is huge.

I have for you more proof that my girls have totally different personalities as you saw in this video …here is a pictoral example taken only one minute apart…

Taylor’s room:


Annnnnd, Avery’s room. (Kim, don’t scream. Serious. Scroll down! Scroll down!)


It’s hard to be mad at her. She’s so happy!

Hmm. So, the house….it’s coming along. I’m still trying to unpack boxes. There’s no actual decorating going on here yet. My quandary with the kids rooms is that I want to paint them before hanging things on the walls and doing up their beds and such, but don’t know what color to actually paint them. There are a kajillion shades of pink to choose from and it’s just overload on my brain and eyes to lay out the paint chip book and attempt to make a decision. They’re all beautiful! How am I supposed to choose? Apparently, they are all different from each other and my untrained eye is still trying to figure that out. Then Taylor informs me she wants her walls painted dark brown and daddy thinks its cool and ~seriously?~ I love it, but … I’m skeer’d.

I can see why people hire people to come in and decorate a room. If I felt confident in someone’s ability and could give a solid vision of what I love and what I don’t and then just leave it in their hands, I would totally be up for it. But Candace Olson is probably the only one I would trust and she only decorates in Canada, best I know. But she’s not in the budget, so I’m gonna handle it one way or another. My deadline for the girls rooms is Christmas. I can do this.

The other aspect of being really slow at this is that after the past four years of sell-sell-sell stuff, it’s weird now to actually be planning and purchasing and having fun with it. I’m trying to be smart and only buy things that we love. We’re just not that into stuff anymore. Thank you Jesus.

But I did get around to hanging some shelves & pictures…


and Brian hung the drapes. I am over the moon about these drapes…got them at over 80% off! I loved them before I discovered the price though. Yay for ebay! And yes, they are beige just like the walls because I can not commit to color. Yet.


we planted two hydrangea bushes outside the dining room windows so we could see them from the table. One thing I always wanted at our house ….. hydrangeas in the yard. I know, anybody can plant them anywhere they please. Just work with me here. These are pretty sturdy. Supposedly, I shouldn’t be able to kill these. Theoretically. You can see we are making a mad dash here to get them in the ground because they were duh-roopy. That’s hthr-speak for “extra droopy. lookin halfway on their way to dead.”


My big find for the week was this kitchen island I picked it up at a garage sale. We have been island shopping for the kichen and my word it’s amazing what some stuff costs! But this lil thing was just the right size & height for what I wanted so it came home with me and I sanded it down, gave it a couple coats of stain and sealed it.


It is now “lunchbox central” and houses all things lunch related for the kids – bread, peanut butter, ziplocs, snacks, fruit, lunchboxes, wipes, sandwich cutters….they can all be found in the island. I love it! Further proof the Lord knows the lil desires of my heart. And the big ones too.

I wonder if He will help Avery clean her room this weekend.

~ by hthr on August 27, 2009.

One Response to “it shouldn’t be this hard to choose a shade of pink.”

  1. Love the pics and just listening to you!! Your house looks beautiful and it is heart-warming to follow your journey. Thank you for being such a wonderful example in pointing out God’s goodness in all things big and small.

    I had to say that Taylor’s dark brown room idea sounds cute but I’d be a little scared too just because I like things light and airy, not dark. You have way more of a designer’s eye than I do, but how about a dark brown accent wall with the rest pink? There are some really cute pink and brown bedding sets and decor. just a thought…. Keep posting more pics, I’m inspired!!
    Luv ya!

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