We had friends over tonight and Taylor was just having a blast playing with their little one year old girl named Aderi. At one point this evening Taylor walked over to me in the kitchen and whispered to me, “I love playing with her! It’s like…having a baby sister again I think!”

“Aww, that’s so sweet Taylor! But you know you’re not going to get a baby sister, right? Mommy can’t have babies anymore.”

She looked at me and her eyes got big, “Cuz it hurts to have a baby?”

“Oh. Yeah, it hurts a LOT!”

“Does it hurt more than falling off a cliff?”

Depends on the drugs I’d say. But I didn’t say. We’ll save that conversation for 10 years from now.


~ by hthr on August 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Avoidance”

  1. Ahem…. there are other ways to have baby sisters besides giving birth, you know! 🙂 I guess I shouldn’t mention that to Avery? 🙂

  2. What a beautiful picture and funny story. I have older boys, and my husband has had “the talk” with them. Now that my girls are getting to the age of awareness, I’m up. NOT looking forward to that at all!

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