Back to School! (and a video! woohoo!)

I don’t want to sound like one of those mom’s who is like, I can’t wait to get my kids out of my hair and send them back to school! I’m not that way. But the past few days? Trying. Sweet, but trying too. This has been a long, chaotic summer. Where’s the silverware? Where are your socks? Wait, don’t you have dresser drawers? Oh…


I am ridiculously happy to be back into a routine. It’s a new routine in many ways though. New house. New school. And we’re not in a new school because we’re in a new house.

We’re in a new house because we’re in a new school. School was the priority in all of this. The house was an unexpected blessing and has kind of dominated the theme of my life this summer. The tears I shed this morning were not the Oh my babies! They are 1st and 2nd graders now! And what will I do with my days?! kind of tears. I have puh-lenty to do, and they are thrilled to go to school. Everyone is most happy. Although those may come in a few days when the house is eerily quiet for long periods of time.

The tears I cried this morning were those of gratitude. I hadn’t dreamed my children would have the privilege of such high quality Christian education. And when I saw their classes grouped by fruit this morning … Fruit of the Spirit … it sent my heart into overdrive for all that lay ahead for them and for us as a family and how the Lord has provided all that was needed for this.

As far as the first day of school, it’s a big one. Not only is it MY kids first day there, but EVERYONE’S first day there. Today is THE first day of Grace Christian Academy! How amazing is that?! I can’t believe God chose us long ago to be part of this amazing group of people.

Last year, the first day of school started off with a splash. This year, Avery conducted her own music while attempting to eat her oatmeal.


We were all very excited to know exactly what to wear this morning! Praise the Lord! Uniforms for the next 11 years! I’m secretly glad Avery still needs a little help getting dressed.


Now. For those who cock their heads to the side when I say how ~not just different~ but completely opposite my kids are from each other? I present to you Exhibit A, filmed in their own habitat. That being the backseat of the car on our way to school this morning. Welcome to life as I know it.

~ by hthr on August 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Back to School! (and a video! woohoo!)”

  1. That’s so awesome….

  2. How cute!! Mine are going to be the same way. My older one is quiet and reserved and the younger one (9months) is already dancing and singing and is very loud.

  3. So so funny!

  4. […] have for you more proof that my girls have totally different personalities as you saw in this video …here is a pictoral example taken only one minute […]

  5. This can not be the quiet shy Avery that took dance! I was laughing so hard! Love it and you are gorgeous! Hugs

  6. That was hilarious and reminded me of both of my girls as well!

  7. […] Summer fun and house adventure continues. Sweeeet sweetness! The first day at their new school! And with the return to some quiet in the house, I could form complete thoughts as to how my daddy […]

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