Perspective at 43 inches tall

My girls are playing house upstairs. Taylor, of course, is the mommy as her old soul is so serious and, well, bossy. My word. I just heard her “grounding” her sister to her room and it went something like this:

“You are grounded to your room for 5 minutes. Sit on the bed and I don’t want to hear you.”
“Excuse me? You say, “Yes Ma’am” and sit there. Do you want me to make it 10 hours?”

And so concludes the mini-semi-overexaggeration of how their summer vacation has been. Can’t wait to see the pictures and descriptions of that from the first day back to school.

Fortunately, the last weekend of it looked like this. My heart was tight in my chest watching them play in the sprinklers like I remember from when I was a kid…I’ve dreamed of and prayed for this. And then we had to shut it off because they stood on the sprinkler and broke it. But whatever. Nothing 10 hours in a bedroom won’t fix. Kidding!


~ by hthr on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “Perspective at 43 inches tall”

  1. These pictures are INCREDIBLE! Nice job! I love that third one of little miss Avery – priceless! And that second to the last one of Taylor picking up Avery – too funny. Man, Avery is a little peanut, isn’t she? BTW, where did you get their suits. I really need to find one for Alden (got to get her all covered up – and they are perfect for next year’s swim lessons).

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