Sunday afternoon…

You know how sometimes you’re standing in a moment, and it’s a moment that you know you’ll remember because it’s just … that way? It’s that good. That sweet…

I had one of those this weekend. And I just so happened to have my camera around my neck too…

I startled awake from a nap and went downstairs to see what everyone was doing; Brian was mowing the lawn while the girls rode bikes. I grabbed my camera and strolled out back. Here came Brian with Avery directly in front of him helping push the mower. They turned around to do the next row and she took off by herself. As she approached the end of the front lawn, I yelled at Brian, “Do you think she can turn that thing herself?!”


I don’t think he had thought about it much because he took off running and as she was, she spun that mower around and headed back up the next row, just like a pro! Brian was cheering as he ran to her. We couldn’t hear anything but the sounds of hte mower motor and see smiles and laughter, and then a little kiss from daddy’s big helper as she ran back to her bicycle.

This is the life.



~ by hthr on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “Sunday afternoon…”

  1. Too cute! Go, Avery!

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