Adventures in HomeOwnership: Lawncare

In the hot summer sun, it only seems to take a few days before the lawn requires a fresh cut to keep it looking nice. We’ve been in our house for two July weeks already and it was past due.  Our mower was broken, and I had plans to put it out to the curb, but a man in town came to pick it up, take it home, and fix it up for me. For a price of course. But it was well worth it.

He brought it back to me this morning and it started right up.

It started right up for him that is. After lounging at the pool with a friend, I decided I’d better get some honest work in for the day somehow. I had the bright idea to mow the lawn.

As I pulled on some grungy clothes, I pushed the mower out into the driveway. I tried to start the silly thing at least 10 times and couldn’t do it.

I put it back in the garage, walked around a minute and decided I couldn’t give up yet. Back into the driveway I rolled it and still no luck. My neighbor walked over and we chatted a minute. I told her what I was doing, she tried it and the second time, it started right up. I squealed, jumped up & down and we hugged while I held onto the bar to keep it running so it wouldn’t shut off. We’re such girls.

Off I went and boy did I ever LOVE seeing a short strip of grass behind me! I always enjoy a project with a visual accomplishment. I held on to that power bar whatever-it’s-called for dear life because chances were I wouldn’t get it started back up again myself. I only ever remember cutting two lengths of grass for my grandpa when I was a kid.

I am definitely not a kid anymore.

This is my grass. I get to do this. We’ve owned a couple houses before now, but this time, it’s so much sweeter. This time I care more. More is invested mentally & emotionally. Oh yeah, fiscally too. This time I get that things cost money, not virtual dollars on a credit limit.

As I worked a path around the house, I debated cutting it in a diamond pattern. Oh, I smile every.time. I see a diamond cut lawn! But I figured I’d better not get too ambitious with it. You know, since it was the first time I’d cut grass in … uh, 20 years.

I was having a bit of a time up next to the house, the fence, and the curbing around the mulch out back. I came in to clip around the curb, and ran over a branch of a little bush. As I walked past, my head whipped back breathing in the smell of something other than just fresh cut grass. I looked at the mower quick so I had a good grip on that power thing, and then back at the bush real fast. I let go with one hand and reached down to get the trimming of the bush down on the ground. I brought it to my nose and it was all i could do not to cry.

Rosemary. A fresh rosemary bush.

I have tried so hard to grow basil and finally have a bit of a plant going (although it looks like a bug may have beat me to it now?) Rosemary and Mint are the others that I want to have growing in the yard. I kept on with mowing the grass, clutching that clipping and just thinking, Really, God? Really? You love me that much. You know me that well. You put a rosemary bush here long before I even knew this subdivision existed. Really? Then come the moments where you are just still. You’re moving, but your heart and mind are still and in awe.


My mower ran out of gas with only a 12″ strip to finish. So, I finally let go of that bar that had my hand cramping so terribly and walked over to crouch down by the rosemary bush. I broke some off, breathed it in, and tears began to mix with sweat as I thanked God again and again for His many blessings…even the little ones that are big only to me.

Lord, YOU know how much I’ve wanted rosemary, and basil and mint … well, the mint I only want to make mojitos with, so if you don’t allow my mine to flourish, I’ll understand … but I’m amazed at how you love me…. And when I opened my eyes, my face only inches from the rosemary, I saw a white nursery tag – the kind that gets stuck into the dirt of the plant pots when you buy them. Hmph. Garbage in my nice green plants, I thought. I picked it up and turned it over.

It said Sweet Basil.


Basil? Basil. For REAL?! I found a good size stump where I think it may have been but I remain amazed.

If you need me, I’ll be hunting down the mint bush. It’s got to be here somewhere! And when I finally find my camera cord, I’ll be sure to edit some pictures back in so you can see what I mean. It’s just a bush. But, then, this was just a chair too. And it is. But I won’t neglect to remember the bigger picture of it all.

edited to add: Brian was weeding today and found weeds. And BASIL!



~ by hthr on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Adventures in HomeOwnership: Lawncare”

  1. I LOVE this story! I love visualizing you jumping up and down with your friend who started the mower – I was jumping up and down in my head for you – we girls! I’m always embarrassed at what I must look like on the rare occasion I try to start the mower myself too! But GOOD FOR YOU pressing on! And then what a sweet sweet present the Lord gave to you. He IS so Amazing!

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