We are such home-bodies.

So, Brian and I had a date tonight.

We hardly ever go on a date. It’s been months, I think, since we’ve been out just the two of us. Maybe California?

With all this craziness of moving I was SO looking forward to sitting somewhere and chillin with B and talking without interruption and distraction and some project or job staring me down from across the room.

So imagine my horror when this occurred. (And how have I become so at ease around the camera all of a sudden? Must be a full moon summer or something.)

I’m not mad of course. I just really, really needed to get away, and then all I could think was “take me home!!!!” That’s probably a great thing, really.

Our kids are not always stellar in public. Come on. But I don’t tell them to chase each other around the restaurant.

If this was you, I’m semi-sorry to make an example of you via video, however you totally allowed it for at least half an hour, and that’s a conservative estimate. I thought I was getting punk’d. I just couldn’t handle it. Chuck-E-Cheese offers amazing birthday party packages. They fully expect for your kids to jump on the chairs and rides and run & yell and stand in the windows. Please try doing all that there next time.

I think our next date will be at home. Back patio. Bottle of wine. Dancing to our own playlist.

What about you? Have you had any good cheap dates lately? Or, rather than order up a plate of french fries after finishing your dinner, what would you have done?


~ by hthr on July 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “We are such home-bodies.”

  1. oh man, that’s aweful! we had a similar experience with Cliff’s parents last night but since it wasn’t a date, I didn’t feel quite as – well – ready to go. I like your homedate idea… or picnic at arrington where the only cost is a bottle of wine IF you even choose to purchase one. 🙂

  2. Girl, Arrington is my FAVORITE place to go! We thought about it, but have plans to be there this coming week. Twice in a week might be a little much. Maybe. 😉

  3. It would have been really difficult for me to sit there like that. I’m pretty sure I would have gone in the other room and made things uncomfortable for everyone. I applaud you for ordering more fries instead.

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