Welcome Home Wlms Family [Now get to work]

Home. We’re here! I still can’t believe it, although by the mess of boxes and stuff all around me, I know it’s legit. There were many periods of time that buying a home again was the motivation to push harder and faster to get out of debt. I always knew there was a house out there somewhere that would be waiting for us when the time was right. Now we have a mailbox and mortgage with our names on it! Our God is big and full of wonderful surprises!

Here’s the crew coming in for the first time as owners and not just lookers!


Child labor has it’s place. The 30 steps from the garage to the dining room was good.


Avery was totally diggin the apple trees just beyond our backyard. She said it was “even better than her biggest dream!” My heart almost popped when she said that. Oh, and there’s even corn growing just to the left of her. Not sure who owns it, but they have a good thing going I think.


One of my favorite things? Hands down the water-in-door feature on the fridge. We now have better odds of eating our food when it’s hot on the table because the kids can now help themselves. This thing is over my head fancy … it has an alarm on it. Crazy thing beeps at me! I was thinking the ice cream drawer was protected or something?


Taylor was having trouble falling asleep that first night, so she came downstairs and asked if she could help us take down wallpaper. See how easy this was? Even a 7 year old can do it. The whole dining room came down in less than an hour. I was expecting it to be a 5 hour job….


So…..since we were ahead of schedule, we started ripping up the wood floors in the entry. We borrowed this handy dandy wedge type tool that made this job … well, it made it possible is what it did! My goodness…that stuff was glued down to the slab so well I don’t think a tornado could tear it up! But Brian did.


So that was our first day. The 2nd day is when the drama began.

~ by hthr on July 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Welcome Home Wlms Family [Now get to work]”

  1. Wow, you guys are on the ball! What a beautiful home and yard…. can’t wait to hear about the drama.

  2. Sweet!

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