Happy Birthday America!

I could tell you about moving. But what’s to say, really? My facebook status yesterday said it all: the theme today is, “Who cares? Just throw it in a box!”” Amen. And it was so.

Last time I left you I was about to decorate the kids bikes after being stranded at Party City with a kajillion little party favors and every possible birthday party theme pack imaginable, leaving much for the girls to jump up & down about with ideas for future birthdays. (how’s that for a run-on sentence?!)  BRIAN! Answer your PHONE for cryin out loud!

Here are pics of the 4th of July bike parade in our neighborhood….I don’t know if this is common to our area or what but I’d never heard of it before living in Maplewood. Bicycles, Tricycles, Mopeds, 4 wheelers … all decorated individually for the holiday. Or, like at our house, by the parents.


It’s a sweet time … red, white, and blue is everywhere. Helmet clad, suntanned kids and parents with coffee and cameras in hand…


Oh, and the firemen came to lead the parade! And my husband finds this humorous only because, well … nevermind. Long story. So he says to me something like, “I bet you can’t run in that mini skirt down the road.”

Ohh, really?

So I ran at least 1/4 mile in flip flops and a skirt carrying my camera, trying not to get run over and just praying my bra stayed where it belonged. It is really somethin to have to keep up with your child on 2 wheels. I just had to let her go off by herself and a hundred other kids so I could stop and try to regain normal breathing patterns. I was sick as it was & still no voice. What a treat…  next time I’ll just say, “You’re right B. I can’t do that” and take pics of the kids as they come around the bend with my coffee still in hand.


Speaking of treats, my child is still reminding me that I ate her pink popsicle while she went to the bathroom. Apparently I was just supposed to hold it while it turned to pink sugar juice in the hot sun. Can’t win.


We found Avery asleep in our bed around 8:00. She was one tired little girl! I sat and watched the fireworks on tv and my word, they were beautiful! I want to go to New York so badly! Someday…

As for other aspiring pyrotechnics, we had a neighbor somewhere shooting them off in our culdesac for all to enjoy. There were bright explosions right outside our bedroom window. I was certain our house was going to catch fire! It happened to some neighbors a few years back on New Years Eve! What are the odds, right? Everything’s boxed up, ready to go and poof up in smoke. Thankfully, alls well. I have an active imagination.

Even in these days when the news is discouraging and every other segment is on ways to cut back your spending as if it were some trendy new idea or something… it’s still not hard to see how abundantly blessed our nation really is. We have been afforded things that other people only ever dream about. I am grateful to be a first-generation American, and although our country and its government aren’t perfect, my patriotism is true. Three cheers for the red, white & blue!

~ by hthr on July 6, 2009.

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