8 wheels minus 4 = 4 divided by 2 = 2 per child. Hooray!

I hit Taylor’s bike with my car about a year ago. Just the training wheels part. Let’s call it a “strategic accident”. I was pleased that the wheels bent up and I had high hopes that Tay would rely on them a lot less and we could have her riding around the culdesac without them in no time.

She did not see it that way. In fact, she commandeered her sister’s bike leaving hers to collect garage dust.

We began insisting that she ride her own bike a while back, and Brian gradually turned up her wheels a bit further. While packing the garage this past weekend we noticed that the training wheels had not been touching the ground so we suggested taking them off. And she did this whole dramatic “I don’t know…just don’t throw them away….I might need you to put them back on….” song & dance. I would give money to know what Avery was thinking watching that all go down…


Well, she had it. She was rockin around the culdesac mere moments later and loving it.


And I, snapping about a hundred pics of it all, caught Avery giving her this look:


She’s like, I can totally do that too. So, Brian bent hers up a bit and she took off and did awesome.


Then came Sunday. After church we had a bite of lunch and were headed back out to the garage to finish packing it, but just before, I told Taylor I had a little gift for her. [Insert background story: I have collected Precious Moments figurines since before I could compose sentences, and so when the girls were born, I began collecting for them as well. Why don’t I know this about you Hthr? Why haven’t I seen them out at your house? It’s very simple really. My husband hates them. He says they freak him out. UFC Fighting freaks ME out, but I just avert MY EYES. Hrmph. I insist there is nothing wrong with these sweet pastel collectibles. Even so, I have many boxes of them … in boxes.  ::sigh::]

I had bought one of a little girl riding her bike knowing Taylor was close to getting the training wheels off. I gave it to her Sunday and she said, “Oh MOMMY! It’s just … so PRECIOUS!! I love it!” and I just looked over my shoulder at Brian and smirked as he shook his head and rolled his eyes at me.

Well. Don’t you just know that Avery comes walkin in the kitchen and is excited for Taylor and looks at me and says, “Mommy, when I get my training wheels off, will I get one too?” And I thought, oh crud. I only bought one. She’s totally gonna do this!

So, back into the garage, and not to be outdone by her older sister, Ave takes a few spins around the culdesac never once touching the training wheels to the pavement and comes back up the drive asking B to take them off.


I couldn’t believe it. They rode around for a few hours and then Ave told me, “Mommy! I figured out a cool trick! When I make the pedals go faster, my bike goes faster too!” I guess I forgot to tell them how that all works. Pretty tricky.


See how much Taylor is growing? That child is ready for a bigger bike! Gotta love that sunshine…


~ by hthr on July 1, 2009.

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