You just never know what’s going on around you…

We have praying and believing for a miracle in the life of a 21 year old man in our church named Brandon Klein. The doctors have done all they can for him, but we know the Great Physician is also present.

Every week Brandon watches the service live online from his hospital bed. In fact, a couple weeks ago as Brandon was starting chemo, he had teased Pastor Steve that he didn’t think he would shave his head as some of the others were doing to support Brandon … so during the service that week, with Brandon watching from the hospital, Pastor Steve did what I’ll bet no one saw coming … he had his hair buzzed off!

All throughout the service on Father’s Day Sunday, the Spirit of the Lord was heavy in the room. As our Pastor got up to pray, he described how he had visited with Brandon in the days previous and although he has great difficulty speaking, he mouthed “I want to go to church” to him. The hospice nurse said the chance of that happening was probably less than 50%. However, as Pastor Steve got up to pray, he had been informed that Brandon had just arrived at church. And Brandon’s request? It was “could we worship some more?”

So we did for the rest of the service. And then some. And it was amazing. It was celebratory and emotional and beautiful. I love that our church cares for and loves people that way. Regardless of the plans for the service, God showed up and Brandon did too. You can watch the service here. Pastor Steve makes the announcement right around 42:00 or just after.

This morning at the pool, a friend had mentioned Brandon and his family and was describing the many cars lining one of the streets in our neighborhood. I quickly put 2+2 together and realized that Brandon & his family live in our neighborhood. I couldn’t figure out why he looked so familiar to me, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized he was the man in the wheelchair at the pool last summer.

All this time we’ve been praying for Brandon, I never knew he lived on the next street. I am freshly reminded today that we just never know what is going on around us. We lie unaware of how deeply people are hurting. And although it is by extraordinarily painful means, the same is true for how lives are being touched and changed for the better by them (see the June 22/1am journal entry for just one beautiful example!) We may never truly know to what extent that rings true.

Please stop and pray for Brandon and his family & loved ones. I’m so grateful God never gets tired of hearing from us.


~ by hthr on June 24, 2009.

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